Thursday, September 3, 2009


(Not my dreads...)

As i've been on Twitter alot, i been talkin about my locks here and there. while going through my camera i saw that i had pics from when i first started them in July and i had taken pics after each retwist and decided to keep a photo chronicle of this journey. i first tried locking my hair when i moved back to houston in 07 since i couldn't find a sufficent braider. my boy Rob had some and he told me about the girl who did his and told me how she was Lil Waynes Houston stylist. lets just say i wasn't please at how they were starting out and the shit was just TORTURE no being to able to wash my hair the usual 2-3 times a week (after i saw a nigga with ringworm on his scalp, i been scared as hell of gettin that shit), so i cut all my hair off. Now i'm restarted them and will post pics every three weeks (when i get them redone and when i get my scalp and hair "cleaned").


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