Friday, October 12, 2007

So...who IS the "Mack"?

Whatitdo, its the Clumsy Scholar comin' atcha with another nugget of knowledge for that ass. I'm sick and tired of cats always talkin about "i'm gettin, money, i'm doin' this, i'm doin' that, and i'm makin' x amount of dollars", but yet they work for somebody. Then you have guys saying "I'm a pimp, I've got x amount of females and shit", but yet, you are always buying stuff for them and doing things for them. So, who's the mack? Who really has the upper hand? Who is pimpin' who? Is it the "Money makin Mowhican" or the person he reports to? Sure, he might be makin' that money, but if he doesn't pay "Boss man", he is in deep trouble. Is it the "Mr. Big Pimpin', Steak n' Shrimpin" playa, or the females he "tricks off" to? If he doesn't "work" to stay on his game, he may lose of his ladies, while she just lays back and recieve the benefits of his work. So who is the "pimp" and who is the "hoe"? Before you call yourself a "mack", make sure you aren't gettin' macked. And before you call yourself a "player", make sure you aren't playin' yourself. This entry is inspired by a song of the same name by Ice Cube. Check it out and get some schoolin'.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Welcome all to my blog, THE CLUMSY SCHOLAR. I know what some of you are thinking right now, "why the clumsy scholar"? It's because I feel it is my duty to "drop knowledge" on some of you from time to time, like a "clumsy scholar". If you learn something new everyday for a year, that is 365 new things that you have learned. There you go, I just dropped some on ya right there. This will also showcase my opinions on things such as music, fashion, entertainment and life in general. Keep checking back to see what's new. Peace.