Tuesday, August 4, 2009


People who know me know that I speak my mind whether wrong or right and my stance on shit never changes just because somebody tries to front me. Last week, I became pretty famous by going in on Rocsi from 106 n Park and makin her cry the next day because I decided to roast her ears. So what, them shits is big and she even aknowledged that shit on Twitter. But today was different.

Today, I decided to go in on another person just because of the way she responded to a question I asked. Did I "know" this person? Hell naw. Did I really care? Nope. But part of the main reason I decided to "go in" on this individual is because the streets was talkin down on my team because of stuff she was doin in store, out the store and online. Now, I COULD have let the shit go as my former boss told me but as I told him, it ain't that easy.

There was a time when being part of the "crew" was a major accomplishment. It was like how Pain In Da Azz described being part of Rocafella on that one skit. You were "made" now, even though you barely made over minimum wage. Lol. And they weren't lettin everybody in like that, there were no interviews or applications. You had to know somebody to be down. And as somebody who went from a customer who knew jack shit to being the biggest seller there, couldn't nothin top that. There was no better feeling than to be part of a crew nobody even thought would make it, only to be one of the top spots in streetwear and you had a part in all of that. So when I see and hear niggaz sayin shit about my squad in a negative light, of course I'm gonna speak on it. Especially when I put my name and rep on the line so that my crew stayed on top, you damn right I'm gonna pull ya card if I find out you are a reason behind the negative talk.

And like the real nigga I am, I don't snitch, squeal, rat or point fingers at nobody but myself because imy grandfather told me "your word is all you have in this world, so don't say anything unless you are ready to accept the good and bad with it." I could have easily played the coward roll and told who I heard shit from and dodge phone calls, but I don't roll that way. I spoke to whom it may concern and put my words out there and stood by them and stated "I will never bite my tounge for nobody, whether it gets me in trouble or not. I choose my words and I mean everything I say." So either love me or leave me alone, but you will respect me.