Monday, November 9, 2009


THESE are just a taste of probably the BEST movie this year. i've watched this shit twice. watch it at the theatre, online, whatever. just watch the shit. shit is classic.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


(Not my dreads...)

As i've been on Twitter alot, i been talkin about my locks here and there. while going through my camera i saw that i had pics from when i first started them in July and i had taken pics after each retwist and decided to keep a photo chronicle of this journey. i first tried locking my hair when i moved back to houston in 07 since i couldn't find a sufficent braider. my boy Rob had some and he told me about the girl who did his and told me how she was Lil Waynes Houston stylist. lets just say i wasn't please at how they were starting out and the shit was just TORTURE no being to able to wash my hair the usual 2-3 times a week (after i saw a nigga with ringworm on his scalp, i been scared as hell of gettin that shit), so i cut all my hair off. Now i'm restarted them and will post pics every three weeks (when i get them redone and when i get my scalp and hair "cleaned").


Thats right, in February, i'm goin on this hoe!! $399 for 4 nights aint bad and its my first time goin on a cruise so i'm kinda crunk about this shit. i pulled up this picture and saw all the shit it has on it and damn near lost my mind. a nigga felt like he was in kindergarten again. but, all i know is there better be some females on this trip because if i'm stuck on a boat with a bunch of "Hannah Montanas", i'm sinkin that bitch my fuckin self.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


People who know me know that I speak my mind whether wrong or right and my stance on shit never changes just because somebody tries to front me. Last week, I became pretty famous by going in on Rocsi from 106 n Park and makin her cry the next day because I decided to roast her ears. So what, them shits is big and she even aknowledged that shit on Twitter. But today was different.

Today, I decided to go in on another person just because of the way she responded to a question I asked. Did I "know" this person? Hell naw. Did I really care? Nope. But part of the main reason I decided to "go in" on this individual is because the streets was talkin down on my team because of stuff she was doin in store, out the store and online. Now, I COULD have let the shit go as my former boss told me but as I told him, it ain't that easy.

There was a time when being part of the "crew" was a major accomplishment. It was like how Pain In Da Azz described being part of Rocafella on that one skit. You were "made" now, even though you barely made over minimum wage. Lol. And they weren't lettin everybody in like that, there were no interviews or applications. You had to know somebody to be down. And as somebody who went from a customer who knew jack shit to being the biggest seller there, couldn't nothin top that. There was no better feeling than to be part of a crew nobody even thought would make it, only to be one of the top spots in streetwear and you had a part in all of that. So when I see and hear niggaz sayin shit about my squad in a negative light, of course I'm gonna speak on it. Especially when I put my name and rep on the line so that my crew stayed on top, you damn right I'm gonna pull ya card if I find out you are a reason behind the negative talk.

And like the real nigga I am, I don't snitch, squeal, rat or point fingers at nobody but myself because imy grandfather told me "your word is all you have in this world, so don't say anything unless you are ready to accept the good and bad with it." I could have easily played the coward roll and told who I heard shit from and dodge phone calls, but I don't roll that way. I spoke to whom it may concern and put my words out there and stood by them and stated "I will never bite my tounge for nobody, whether it gets me in trouble or not. I choose my words and I mean everything I say." So either love me or leave me alone, but you will respect me.


Monday, July 27, 2009


This the nigga you look up to Micah?


I have YET to slide my penis in some coochie thats worth $55,000 a month. shit, Eddie Murphy aint even gotta pay that much and he got more dough than Nas. Fuck, Russell Simmons only has to pay $40,000 for TWO KIDS ALL TOGETHER!!! and this lackluster singin ass bitch wanna hit a nigga for $50 stacks. Niggette please! This bitch act like Nas was droppin multiplatinum albums twice a year or some shit. And its true about the court system. they say "Justice is Blind" but yet its still geared towards females. if a female says ANYTHING, she is automatically right in court even if the bitch is lyin through her dick suckers. Red and Meth need their own radio show. i would listen to that shit RELIGIOUSLY!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


and once again.....Jay gets "mooked" on his own track. shit wouldn't happen to Nas.....


Get mad, haters, crackers, dog lovers and all in between.......Vick is back in the league and about to pull a Kobe to silence all who forgot the skills.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


my stepfather sent me this about 4 minutes ago and i'm over here in tears. first off, i watch this show all the time and somehow missed this episode. i'm trippin that he has a Deloreon and THEN the fact that he is dressed like MJ in the "The Way You Make Me Feel" video, THEN he MJ kicks dude in the "gooch". niggaz...


People in my family ALWAYS joke around and laugh at people who "claim" certain ethnicities like "oh, my Great grandmother on my cousins side was Cherokee" knowing good and hell well that aint the case. My Great Great Grandmother was full blooded Sioux and she died about a year or 2 after i was born, so my shit is actually traceable yet we don't go around claiming to be "part native american", we are just black. Her husband was half black and half white making my Great Grand Father a "quarter" black, but if you asked him what race he was he would tell you without blinking "BLACK". and he reasoning was, even though he laughed when it was kinda sad was, "i was treated like a nigger so much growing up and was identified as one all the time, there was no question whose side i belonged to". this was a man whose entire side of his family looked white as hell, but they would be kinte clothed DOWN and borderline militant about their "blackness". now i DO feel that the whole "choose your race" shit on tests needs to stop because biracial kids already have an identity crisis without you trying to force them to choose who they belong to.

When i was in the military, i encountered 2 females that i knew: Tasha and Anaris. both had black fathers and white mothers. Tasha identified herself as being black. she didn't discard her white side or shame it, she just said "i'm black". But Anaris on the other hand hated ALL things that were black. I had a white friend tell her "my boy Cater(we go by last names in the military) thinks you're hot and wants to talk to you". but when she saw i was black, she dissed the hell out of me. my boy Cleary was like "damn, my bad. when she heard me say my FRIEND, she must've thought i meant a white friend" and that was the actual problem. she hated her black side so much that when i looked her up on myspace, she married a white guy and her race was listed as "white" even though you KNEW and could SEE there was a little "dirt" in her. and i was like "damn, do you have THAT much self hatred that you are willing to eradicate an entire bloodline just because of your features?"

Eric and Justin, what are yall thoughts on being "double agents"? lol.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As a black male in America, i've encountered alot of shit in 26 years of life. But if its one thing that i seem to encounter more than anything is "Bitch Ass Niggaz". I be like "why is there so much bitchassness in the world?"....then it hit's hereditary.

Alot of people look at Kanye West and say "man, that nigga is always cryin like a BITCH" or "man he is always actin like a BITCH" and the same goes for alot of niggaz in rap and in regular life. But further analysis shows one common factor....9 out of 10 niggaz who act like "Bitches" are raised by their mothers only. alot of females might get mad and say "nigga, i have raised my son to be a responsible person because that is what a man is" which is true BUT you can't teach a boy how to ACT like a man and have male MANNERISMS. i chopped it up with my boy Eli and he concluded the same thing. As children, we often immitate those around us in authoritative positions. A man raised by his father is pretty rational and mild mannered because a man is normally quick to think and slow to anger. But a "bitch nigga" is the product of a single female 9 out of 10 times because a female is an emotion based creature who is the total opposite of man meaning she is quick to anger and slow to think out the situation. This explains why bitch ass niggaz have a tendency to "snap off", "act a damn fool", get loud and call people out because that is how he may see his mother handle HER frustations. now, don't be like "Nigga you being sexist" because i will admit that i DO have traces of bitchassness in me, but i acknowledge it and have done things about it.

My mother was 15 and a half when she had me and while i had older males in my family, i was mostly raised around females. when they got upset, they yelled, wore their emotions on their sleeves and so forth. and since i never really saw dudes in my family get in altercations, i only knew how to handle them the way females in my family did and as i got older and hung around dudes who had "old school" fathers, they schooled me on the ways of conductin myself like a "real nigga". and that is also the problem, we have too many bitch niggaz raising "Bitch Nigga,Jrs" nowadays that its like the blind leading the blind. Real men come around every blue moon, but bitch niggaz come by the bunches. For instance, look at older rap beefs compared to current rap beefs. Back in the day if you had a lyrical beef with a dude, you said your peace, stayed on subject and it was left at that and the loser recognized the winner and was humble about it. NOW, niggaz all on youtube airing niggaz personal shit out that don't even have to do with the beef at hand. And that comes from being raised by young mothers who get emotional and don't know how to properly address a situation without getting emotional. which brings me to something else: If you let your emotions control your actions and some gets control of your emotions, you have given that person power over you. And that is why alot of rappers get in so much trouble because they let a nigga get under their skin and now they got them niggaz on strings like Pinocchio.

So in closing, there is a cure for this shit and its this: real men, get involved with the youngins and show them how to ACT like a man and carry themselves like a man. and finally, don't let simple shit get under your skin. its okay to have emotions because that is what separates us from robots, but don't broadcast them and wear them on your sleeve.



"What's the difference between your mom and a Lego? A Lego doesn't have my dick in its mouth.."

i don't know why, but as retarded as that shit sounded, i was on the ground in tears when dude came into the lounge at work and said that shit with the straightest face possible.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Black Youth on the train this morning: "You need to get a thesaurus and expand your vocabulary, kinfolk and learn the actual meanin' of them damn big words you try to use".

Nigga: "Man, what the fuck a dinosaur gotta do with shit?"..

Me: *dead*.....

Monday, July 13, 2009


Now, i've been slackin on my blog, i know. I'm a busy nigga, workin 2 jobs, gettin money and in nursing school. i wish i could be in Qatar, doing nothing all day but working out and ordering shoes while claiming to be "Fighting the war on terror" when i'm really not doin a damn, but i don't have that priviledge. so without further stalling.....

Alot of shit has been circulating about the whole "Lebron/LeBum/Lebanon getting dunked on by an RN (Regular Nigga)" and how he and Nike had video pulled like Beyonce tried when she ate stairs in Orlando. Now my thing is this: you already have people shittin on you for crying about losing, being a sore loser and so forth. WHY would you give people even more reason to fuck wit you by pulling some shit like this? did Jordan pull the video of him gettin his ass whooped in "21" by that bald ass nobody? NO! Did Mike Tyson have the broadcast footage burned after getting forced to "kiss the canvas" by Buster Douglas? NO! and you know why? Because everybody loses sometimes. Look at Roy Jones Jr. THAT nigga got mooked, not once, but TWICE and lose a rematch to one of those fights!!! Now, had Lebrando been smart, he could have flipped that shit into an ill commercial. He could have done it like Sir Charles and been in black and white and been like: "I've scored "X" amount of points, won "x" amount of games, was #1 draft pick, was a mega millionaire before i was able to take my first drink and became MVP before i could rent a car....*insert Posterization by "Reginald J. Nigga" here*..but i'm not perfect" and showed a black screen with a white swoosh and it would have been a WRAP! it would have shut all the haters up, stopped the "cry baby" criticism and so forth...but NOOOOO this nigga pulled some "my mother was a human and my father was a dog, so that makes me a bitch ass nigga" shit. Damn Lebron.....guess you still got some growin up to do. You got kids too, nigga. Be THEIR role model and don't be a bitch in front of millions of people. its not a good look, potna.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Niggaz better protect ya blogs and ya bitches because the king is back....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


NSFW at ALL!! Micah....something tells me you will try this shit...lmao


I didn't laugh at the beginning of this video, but the second half had a nigga cryin when homie started snappin off. and then there was the whole "yeah, i got a penis on my stomach" part.


*Jamaican man from The Last Dragon* "Dots Dot, Mon. And Dere Aint No Comin Bock. HAHAHA"

Friday, May 22, 2009


She may not be scared of lions and tigers and bears, but that bitch better fear the "Sniper" because that nigga is on the loose and he caught Jasmine Sullivan slippin (literally). somebody needs to find this mysterious stealth stalker before he catches another victim.

Past victims...

Destiny's Child (all 3 of them hoes)

Lil Wayne ( a personal favorite victim)


Damn, son. Where are the Chaos Emeralds at when you need them shits? i don't even think Tails could help that nigga out. That bitch looked like Knuckles too. aight, enough with the Sonic related jokes, this nigga got snuffed AND had the nerve to put that shit online so its open season on this clown. and is that a fuckin Mewtwo Pokemon on that nigga wrist?!?! you know what, she NEEDED to "BIP" that nigga just off that shit.

knocked the RINGS outta that nigga. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is kinda fucked up. the white guy probably didn't know any better that he was rockin fake kicks, but to put dude on blast like that? DAMN!! and then the fact that he almost got the breaks beat off of him by snatchin that shoe outta Dave Jeff's hand almost had me crying. that dumb ass didn't realize that they were gonna give him some REAL shit later like they always do at shit like that. retard.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Congratulations "Ju Ju"!! My cousin is recieving the Presidential Scholar Award in D.C soon, so again, Congrats lil homie. See you this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


i watched the Unrated version of this yesterday while i was at the house sick (food poisoning will fuck up your world worse than a money hungry baby momma with your myspace password and works at the same spot you do) and this shit had me weak. i thought it was gonna be corny but the little black dude had me cryin in his first scene and he didn't even say shit, it was the picture he drew that made me say "this shit is gonna be wild". if you have a chance, check it out.


shit had me crackin up. "Puppet Lebron" was a lil TOO crunk.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

PIMPIN' 101....

American Pimp is one of my all time favorite documentaries and this dude was probably the slickest pimp on the joint but this was never on the dvd. of course, pimpin on females isn't funny, but this shit had me DYIN and they way dude was flippin his words is incredible. you can't script that shit. when he went down the list of what he called different women, it was a wrap. but it makes you think "what if dudes like this put their minds and words towards other shit instead of pimpin?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal


Cmon, you can't hate on Lebron, dude is really tryin to bring fun back to the NBA like its 1994-1998.


So 9th Wonder designed these joints and i'm not sure if they are droppin to the public or only for the JL crew, but i like these. Probably the tightest Pumas in my opinion since the OG Easter joints.


I need you to email me your info and what you need/want so i can get a package shipped out to you fam. i told you i got you. hopefully the shit don't take almost 2 months to get there like mine did when my family sent me joints back when i was overseas.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just heard the track on the homie Tommy's blog and it had a nigga makin' this face. Ya boy had the ill "Scrunchy". Lyrical ignorance....Welcome Back Kanye!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Alchemist ft. Maxwell (yeah, THAT Maxwell) and Twista - Smile

DAMN!! this shit is on repeat right now. i can't wait to see what else Alchemist is gonna come with.

Also, i've noticed that songs named "Smile" tend to go HARD as hell...

Trae ft. Jadakiss and Styles P - Smile

Scarface ft. 2Pac - Smile


(damn.....i didn't know my forehead was that fuckin long!)

Today I basically became a "Boss". One thing people know about me is that I will stand up to whoever, whenever and i'm never quick to back down. My manager came into the unit today because they were gonna try some new things on the unit and asked for opinions on how shit should be run. my Charge Nurse couldn't think of shit IMPORTANT to address and none of the other nurses ya boy had to grab his nuts and stand up and speak his piece. needless to say, 90% of the shit I spoke on is what is gonna get changed and wouldn't have gotten changed had I nutted up like those in positions over me. So, i'm "Rick Rossin' It" right now, even though its rainin like a muthafucka because not even dark skies can stop my shine.

Monday, April 13, 2009


DSR (Dirty South Ridaz) - Throwback Freestyle

I remember i had copped the Boss Hogg Outlawz All Freestyles Vol. 1 cd back in the Summer of 2002 and this was on there. it was their first song ever and i was like "Who are these niggaz? they are CRUNK as hell on here! that Fat Bastard nigga sound 'juicy mouthed-ed'!". Fabolous didn't even have his Throwback song until a year later but i used to play this on base ALL the time (the entire CD went so damn hard, ESPECIALLY the "Gridin" Freestyle with Slim Thug and Paul Wall). man, i miss the days when Texas niggaz used to say the most RETARDED shit in a freestyle but the shit would be so crunk at the same time. aaaahh memories. these niggaz even made songs about Iceberg shirts and what they were watching on their screens. insanity.



when that nigga said "Lets get dangerous, watchin Darkwing Duck"....i lost it.


After almost 20 albums (literally), my nigga FINALLY got a video on MTV, and not only that, but its the Jam Of The Week. dude RUNS Houston. even Pusha T gave him the co-sign. i just hope he finally gets his success because one more strike and that nigga is seeing LIFE and i'm not talkin the movie. i fuck with ALOT of Z-Ro's stuff (the nigga reps Mo City so i gotta support). Plus, he's the ONLY guy who has gone at 50 Cent and 50 backed down (the track "Snitch Niggaz" ft. Scarface). here are a few of my favorite Ro songs.

The Rain ft. Trae

That's Who I Am

I Hate You Bitch

I Found Me

(when people started acting phony around me, THIS track was on REPEAT)


i watched this yesterday and a nigga had to tilt his head back towards the end to keep the tears from forming. Spike Lee put in work on this joint and i'm kinda upset that it didn't get the props it deserved. big dude should have gotten some kind of nomination for his character because he did a good ass job in this. if you haven't seen it, check it out.


So i went by my boys crib on Friday to hit this Happy Hour spot and i had to use the bathroom. i'm putting in SERIOUS overtime on this niggaz toilet and i see this canister and i'm like "oh snap, this nigga got baby wipes like i advised him to do" (after Lousie and Renato put me on to the wipes, its been a wrap)...WRONG! the look on my face when i saw what the label said was one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words" joints. i was like "nigga, do you know how i would have felt like after wiping myself with one of these shits?!" and then the fact that them shits is FLAVORED?!?! THIS nigga was like "my bad, cuz. shorty came through last night and i gave her that 'Skinny P' treatment, my nig". Micah, this look like some shit YOU would have.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Because of politics, i had to go elsewhere to cop the Yeezys this past weekend. and it was crazy because to my suprise, i got in line at 10pm on Friday night and i was only the 19th person in line. so while i'm out there, i notice this one Mexican guy who was talkin about the shoes and tryin to sell me his spot in line (he was the person in FRONT of me, wtf). this herb claimed to be a "shoe head" but the dude kept pronouncing the "McFlys" as "McFlyers" and didn't even know the significance of the shoe. THEN the nigga couldn't even pronounce Foamposite and he got shitted on by this white girl who was in line reading Eclipse (the third book in the Twilight series). THIS muthafucka tried to sell his spot in line for $650. had he known his shit, he would have known that was too much for a SPOT in line for this shoe. nobody is droppin a total of $850 for the Yeezys. then FOX News came by twice to interview people throughout the night and one nigga caught a severe "Sniper" and busted his ass on camera tryin to stunt. another nigga tried to high sign and hold his new Yeezy sneaker out the window, only to drop it and almost run over it. and that cornball in front of me DID get the last pair of Yeezys, but he couldn't do shit with it, not even flip them for what he wanted. HERB!! also, my lil nigga Kareem who i practically raised in high school was the first dude in line and he said he's gonna hold down some spots for me for the black joints, so ya boy is "in there like swim wear".


The person above is Kelley Hammond, close friend and co-worker. When i got hired, she said her main objective was to show her "whiteness" but she has actually shown her "gangsta" more than anything. first off, she loves ribs and grits. most white people don't even know what the fuck GRITS are. she is one of the few people who can actually whoop ya boy in Street Fighter (yeah, she's legit). but the shit that trips me out the most is what comes out of her mouth when people aren't paying attention. this past weekend, we were working and this older white woman comes in and wants a used PS2. seeing how somebody forgot to take ONE of the old display boxes off that said $69, when they were back to $79, she wants to start complaining that she wants it for the $69 on the box even though the other 15 boxes say "$79". so Kelley, being the all american white girl she is, honors the mistake and gives the old bitch the system for $69. as SOON as she leaves and the store is empty, she busts out "GOD I FUCKING HATE WHITE PEOPLE! THEY ACT SO FUCKING CHEAP. FUCK, YOU'RE WHITE, I KNOW YOU HAVE THE TEN BUCKS FOR THE SYSTEM!!!" when she said that last line, i had to go to the back because that shit caught me off guard like a muthafucka.


YA BOY IS BACK IN BUSINESS. alot has been goin down, change in work schedule and all that so bear with me. but again, i'm back like cooked crack.

Friday, March 20, 2009


JUST SAY YES DAMN IT!!!! FUCK!!! damn, you SHOULD have made that "excuse" the first time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


just copped this 400% Hello Kitty Bearbrick for my shorty since she's been buggin me for one but couldn't find one she would like until i saw this one. it hit me for 2 bills but thats not that much when you consider how much bearbricks go for, let alone a Hello Kitty one. now i'm just waiting for the Kaws Dissected joint to go with my Stussy collection Bearbricks nad my Kaws Warm Regards joints and i'll be set for a while.

Monday, March 9, 2009


really?....Jordan 2009 AF1 Fusions?....this is a damn shame. seriously. if i ever saw a nigga with these, i'd buy him some real forces. straight up. this is worse than the nigga i saw with the 11/4 fusions. yes, the shits had the 11 uppers and the 4 bottoms. i just shook my head. these "Island of Dr. Moreau" shoes need to fuckin stop.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


so i was going through my phone, and uploading pics and i found this joint that i took at Target while i was copping "Lil Man" a Go Diego Go toy. you see that? i said TOY as in SINGULAR, meaning, ONE. THIS white guy come up in line behind me and grabs TWO dividers for some Cool Whip and some bullshit ass shit that he put on TOP of the Cool Whip. there was NO way in hell that his shit would get confused with mine. i HATE Cool Whip, whipped cream and anything that is similar to it so i would be VERY verbal if shorty would have tried to ring that shit up for me. Second, there was nothing that he was purchasing that would have made me wanna go "damn, thats the last joint they have in stock. i'm bout to sneak theif this dude and come up like a fat rat". but he REALLY felt the need to double barricade his shit. it was fuckin COOL WHIP, SON!!! this nigga set up a Brinks home security joint just for some fuckin whipped topping, yo. and look at how much space is between my stuff, his "fortress of fun" and the person behind him. its almost the SAME amount of distance. NOBODY WANTS YOUR STUFF, PLAYBOY!! and THEN, you can see from his hands he was pointing to his shit and letting the cashier KNOW that was HIS stuff. NO SHIT, Sherlock, you got your shit like Fort Knox, bruh. you should have seen the "side eye" and "slant mouth" face i gave this dude. the cashier looked and just shook her head and giggled to herself. come people, its not that damn serious.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Shit caught me off guard like a muthafucka...


i fucked around and found THIS.....

THIS dude got THAT crunk from his ONLY point that game. lmao.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


THIS has become the BEST of the live action Street Fighter movies that have come out. yes, i said it, the Jean Claude Got-Damme joint. i have been hearing and reading reviews of that new Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li joint and it has been called the WORSE film in years by ALOT of people and was giving a 1.5 star out of 5 and they said THAT was being "generous". i never thought in all my life that anything would be worse than the first Street Fighter joint but they said the best thing about the new one is that it made the old one look ALOT better. damn, thats like putting a shaved gorilla next to a girl to make her look "decent"....shit.

Monday, March 2, 2009


shit was kinda funny.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


My boy Rob and his homegirl are throwin an 80's party in April and i was like thats wassup. i already own several pairs of Cazals, a gucci link, a dookie rope, a two finger ring, bucket hat and a Fila joggin suit. but i was like "naw, i need to do something to really DO IT at the party", so i was jammin some old school Rakim (Paid in Full to be exacty) and i was like "thats it, i'm gonna get a Dapper Dan like jump off made for the party". yeah yeah, i know the shit is gonna be fake, but its a fuckin costume, so i don't give a fuck. but now i have to go to my tailor and show him images on what i want now and i might do something like the joints above (without the 7% shit on it though). if i decide to do it, i'll post pics of it. peace.


(yeah, keep smilin nigga because its gonna get REAL sad REAL soon....)

As an avid dancer myself (yes, ya boy acts a fool on the dance floor, ask about me), i'm constantly peepin dances from across the nation due to the fact that i've lived alot of places and have family everywhere. BUT i also make it a point to recognize where i get shit from and give props and due respect. SOME people don't and the biggest culprit is that nigga Soulja Boy and his constant "Swag Snatchin" and jackin peoples movies for his own shit. for example:

Tha Dougie out of Dallas (not the same as Doug E. Fresh, but even they gave him props)

you can see right here, he can't even do the shit. but wait a gosh darn minute...

now, this nigga is a pro? jeenkies..

then theres this dance....

Tha Down-Tha-Way outta Cincinatti..

and what is this i see?....

now its the "BIrd Walk"?

come on SB, this shit is gettin sad. at least be original fam.....


While the West Coast OBLITERATED the East Coasts version, they all have the same message: Stop the Violence. for those who know or don't know, one of my lil brothers is facing a murder charge right now even though the gunman confessed that he was the one who killed the kid. but either way, it was over bullshit that REALLY didn't matter. if you got beef with somebody, handle it correctly with fists or words. shit, i've destroy MANY people off my words alone. but seriously, its not that serious.

also, when can we get a South version of either of these tracks? can we get that happening sometime soon.....PLEASE?!?!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i say GAH DAMN!!!! my boy Myan put me on to this joint. its called "Ip Man" and its about Master Ip Man, the man who trained Bruce Lee and this joint is O-fuckin-fficial! they said that there is already talks of a sequel which tells his life when he stared training Bruce, so i'm lookin forward to that joint. but until then, Donnie Yen went in on this joint. it leaked last month, so you can hopefully find it somewhere but check it out. Will, i KNOW you're gonna peep it.

Friday, February 20, 2009


The Free Clinic is now open. me and the big homie Pat Preezy used to give advice and opinions on this chat room to people and decided to connect politics and start up a blog just for that purpose. peep it and come get a check up.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Blogger or somebody done caught me slippin and jacked a nigga. i had a post on here about the new Dr. Dre track "Topless" and the next thing i know, i'm on here checkin my posts because i'm noticing my shit looks a lil off. then i go back to my drafts and its like that shit never existted. WTF?!? is that how we doin? we erasin' niggaz posts like that, fam? wooooooooow....


YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! about FUCKIN time. and they will be $150 meaning i will more than likely be copping between 2-4 pairs of these IF not more. YES, thats about $300-$600 but i don't give a fuck because: A) I have the duckets to do so and WILL have the duckets to do so by that time, either way i will have the funds. and B) I.......LOVE.....THIS......SHOE!!!! i wanted them SO bad when i was in middle school and i remember watching Showtime at The Apollo and Outkast was performing "ATLiens" and Big Boi had the white and red striped Polo on and these and my mouth just DROPPPED. and then i was watchin Homeboyz In Outter Space and Flex was rockin 'em (he always had the newest, freshest Nikes on) and i was like okay, its official. boy Elliot Jenkins came to school with a cast on one leg and THESE on the other foot and i was like "this is that bullshit". but they sold out and i was assed out. so this time.......they are MINE!!


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH DAMN!!! I didn't know young Chris Beezy had it in 'em. Riri looks like she caught an Ultra Combo.

This song is dedicated to you, girl....


Yo D-Pain...i mean Darryl, you gonna let "Chin-chilla" aka Micah carry you like THIS, fam?! man, its Black History Month, you better "Do The Right Thing" and fuck him up, son...lmao.


you know you love them titties...


One of my favorite Jordan brand shoes AND its now on NikeID.......its a wrap for ya boy. and like i said before...2009 is gonna be my year..


Do The Right Thing Air Jordan 1 pack

i saw pics of these along with the other colors and i WILL be getting these. i had some "metallic" Forces back in 97-98 that i "hulled" out (houston slang) and i could never find them again but i'm REALLY fealing the simplistic look on these and peep the "kinte cloth" interiors on them shits. JB is really brining me back into the fold this year.....


And remember....9 more years until i get to knock ya lil ass out....seriously. Soon as you turn 13...i'm cavin' ya chest in......


LEX aka "Big Brudda Alex"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Droppin in June, along with that months issue of Nylon magazine, these will be released and i WILL be coppin em. i've always wanted a dope yellow show and since i couldn't get the yellow boardflips like i wanted, i'm glad i didn't because these are alot better. i already have the all red joints and i know this summer, i'm gonna have to snap with these joints. i mean, damn, i'm a "spring baby", i love colors and yellow is my second favorite color so these are a must for me.

pic courtesey of nicekicks and nitrolicious.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


don't let me find this shit......

Friday, February 13, 2009


Video Courtesy of

and the fucked up thing is my brother didn't have shit to do with it. they didn't even come for him, they came for my other brother asking if he wanted to roll to the store but he refused, so Spencer said he wanted to go. people who know my brother know that while he WILL fight somebody, he's not mentally ready to kill somebody like me. this is an A and B college student who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and i'm just proud that he's holdin it down and keepin his head up about the situation and making me laugh about how this shit needs to hurry up because he paid for this whole semester of school and these cops aren't gonna pay his student loans. and once the truth gets out, i'm whoopin that white boys ass because according to my brother Eric HE was the one who came to the house because Eric KNEW his ass. i swear, man. i'm bout to fuckin lose my damn mind right now over this shit. i'll keep yall posted and pray for my lil brother. that other nigga admitted to shooting that kid, so let my fuckin brother go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This shit is fantastic. its like "Grindhouse" but in videogame form. and Detective Washington makes it even better. his "Nigga Moments" are damn near better than Coletrain from Gears of War

HE'S DONE.......

50 CENT - Tia Told Me.......damn, "Fif", did you REALLY have to go in on Kamala like that? Honestly, the only way Ross can come back at 50 is if he somehow can find 50 doin some REAL gay shit on film with a copy of his identification, social security number and 5 witnesses.


i remember it was the summer of 1994 and i was 11 and in Miami visiting my father and my younger brothers. i was babysitting that afternoon and was watchin' Rap City as usual when all of sudden i heard this song and i was glued to the tv. i was like "WOOOOOOOW, this beat is TIGHT!" and then i saw the drawings. now, i was no stranger to graffiti because when i was younger, my great grand parents had an attic that they used to let all the kids tag on and there were tags from as far back as the 70's on those walls. but this joint rekindled that shit in me and i remember after the video was over, i ran and grabbed my sketch pad and started drawing like Isaac on "Heroes", i just zoned the fuck out and was creatin just insane shit. and for those that don't realize, this was the SAME summer that Outkast, Bone Thugs and Biggie ALL came out so that whole summer changed my life. add to the fact that my father was STILL blastin the hell outta Doggystyle, which my mom was NOT EVEN lettin me listen to.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i WILL be using my boy Fei Long (or Akuma) and i WILL be "beastin" people online, so if you have a PS3 and want to get schooled, come holla at ya folk....


"Gucci" Nike Waffle Racer 3......COPPED!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Man, the O'Jays aint never lied about that shit. dudes AND females will smile all up in your face with the quickness but will shank the shit outta you the minute you turn your back and it makes you assess your situation alot closely. But in life, you gotta make mistakes and learn from them. Like the old saying goes "Everybody has a plan until they get hit". well, The Scholar got "sniped". i got into an argument with another person recently and come to find out the person who i THOUGHT i was cool with was sayin alot of bogus shit behind my back, all the while, smiling in a niggaz face. and it was fucked up because the whole time i thought i had this persons card pulled and they thought the same about me when the person controlling the entire deck was the person we BOTH were "cool" with. and this is the same person i tried to look out for and help out the best i could with shit. and its fucked up because i kinda saw it inside this individual, but at the same time i couldn't see it. and so now, this is forcing me to look at people like this person in an even worse way and i hate having to "punish" others for shit that other people do, but i gotta look out for "Numero Uno" at the same time. so to the person i got crunk with, i know you read my blog from time to time and i apologize kinfolk because had your homeboy not filled me in to WHO it was, it would have gotten ALOT worse on both ends. here i am laughin at Lisa Raye ass and from the looks of it, I ended up gettin played for a sucka. damn......thats life, tho.




My boy Myan put me on to this album and this joint is crack. of course, its all in portugese, but music is the universal language and i can "feel" this i speak a lil portugese anyway. but seriously, this album is crack. and alot of samples from your favorite groups came from this album. here are some tracks from it that may seem familiar to you or may not...


the latest addition to my collection since SOMEBODY (you know who the fuck you are) sold my Kaws disseceted companion. i know what some people are thinkin "why would you pay $300 for plastic shit on a stick?". If you have to ask that question, then you don't need to know...just go back and pay attention to the "Guns and Butter" conversation Ving Rhames had with Tyrese in "Baby Boy"...

Well since some of you may be too lazy....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"NIGGAZ..........COMIN'!!!!!" ----RILEY FREEMAN

During my time in VA, i noticed a few things but the one thing that always seems certain is that if the Clipse are coming, so are "niggaz". and when i say "niggaz" i don't mean like black people, i mean "IGNORANT, hood niggaz". and with "niggaz" comes unnecessary bullshit and since there are ALOT of "niggaz" in VA, there is ALOT of unncessary bullshit. here are some examples

DATE: July 4, 2005
LOCATION: The Beach House in VaBeach
EVENT: Cream x Clipse 4th of July Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, Famlay, Mike Vick, AI, hoochies.......and niggaz
WHAT HAPPENED: Niggaz acted a damn fool, got the joint shut down so that other people couldn't get in and the cops on horses had to come out, therefore fuckin it up for everybody.

DATE: July 4, 2006
LOCATION: Ocean Breeze Water Park in VaBeach
EVENT: Clipse Pool Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, boppers and the ever present.....niggaz
WHAT HAPPENED: Since most niggaz can't swim and were too busy tryin to be fly, what else is there left to do but start shit? so yeah, niggaz started shit and shit got shut down.....again.

DATE: August of 2006
LOCATION: Premiere in Norfolk
EVENT: In My Mind Album Release Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Pharrell, Clipse, Famlay, DJ No Dout, DJ Joe Stick, DJ Bee, Ab Liva, boppers, hoes, groupies, clones guessed it.....NIGGAZ!!
WHAT HAPPENED: Niggaz blocked the street HOURS before P even showed up, niggaz started fighting BEFORE the party even started, we had to be brought in through the back by the owner, and niggaz started MORE shit when they got inside.

DATE: End of March 2007
LOCATION: Premiere in Norfolk
EVENT: Geezy's Birthday (Clipse Manager)
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, 8ball, MJG, Famlay and niggaz to the 12th power

DATE: January 30, 2009
LOCATION: AMF Chesapeak Lanes in Chesapeake, VA
EVENT: Clipse Bowling Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse......and do i even need to say it?
WHAT HAPPENED: According to Micah, shit was cool (like always. there is always an eerie calm before a "Nigga Moment") and then niggaz remembered what they what there for and started fuckin up shit and brawlin.

Now, there are several things i've noticed about these situations.

1) When Commonwealth hosts events by themselves, shit NEVER goes down because there are enough "others" to off set "niggaz".

2) There are always females in the equation but "niggaz" will rather run up on each other than on some female booty.

3) Usually after the "Nigga Moment" has transpired, the venue is usually shut down or at least shut down as far as "no niggaz allowed". Niggaz are worse than hurricanes.

4) Niggaz comin to a party are like those creatures in "I Am Legend". you WANT to help them, but they just want to fuck shit up. why? nobody knows but it usually always ends in destruction.

And now there is another party about to go down pretty soon. Please, niggaz if you are reading this (which i doubt because "niggaz" don't read)...PLEASE don't fuck this up....

Is it safe to say that its down right SAD when you're suprised when shit DOESN'T go down after parties?......


so i'm here at work on nostalgia mode n shit and i was like "damn, i wonder if they got that Hammer in the mix joint on youtube" and they did so i'm watchin the video and then i start payin attention and i'm like "is this nigga dissin Slick Rick on this joint?". with lines like "did I hear you say king? or call yourself a ruler?/sit down cuz the Hammers gonna school ya" and "a RULER is a stick i use to measure" and "you aint it, you aint dope/if you are a Ruler than the Hammer is a Pope" and shit like that. i'm like "DAMN! Stanley is REALLY goin hard at Rickey D right now and i don't think people were pickin that up". he sent ALOT of shots at Rick in this track. seriously, this nigga went IN on Rick durin this. WHY HAS NOBODY ELSE ADDRESSED THIS?! were yall too caught up in the pants and flashy moves to miss it? i know i was.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Taken from Blackplanet

As it turns out, Michael Misick was playing his wife Lisa Raye. In her court testimony Lisa says she was lead to believe her husband was worth $180 million, while he says he told her he was only worth $8 million. Lisa also testified that Michael let her think he’d bought her a jet, when in reality it was a lease. She also thought Michael bought her a Rolls Royce Phantom, he even went so far as to present it to her in front of her cast mates on the set of ‘All of Us’ with a big red bow on it. Turns out it was also leased, and in her name no less.

Now Lisa’s stuck with a $6,500.00 car note. It was also revealed that Lisa’s name is on a $7 million dollar loan, that she claims to have no knowledge of.

HAHAHAHAHAHA........dummy. she thought she was on the come up and got OWNED!!! i just love when shit like that happens. she tried to "gold dig" and she came up with just rocks. her next man better be an RN......Regular Nigga. WONK WOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!!!!....

This song is dedicated to you Ms. "Queen of Blackbuster Films"...

yeah......yo ass got played alright...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


so i'm sittin here at work and i have The Devils Rejects on and i'm about to turn it off and the credits start and i hear this song and i'm like "DAMN! this song goes hard as hell!!", especially in the beginning and how the joint just starts off with the guitar and that flute joint. people who know me know that i listen to EVERYTHING, yes even country if its jammin, and i had to immediately find this on youtube. and i've noticed lately that i've been liking alot of this California country/rock shit like this that they had back in the day, too. if i were a producer, i'd OBLITERATE this sample. also, the movie was actually GOOD movie. i saw House of 1000 Corpses and i was like "DAMN that movie fuckin SUCKED DONKEY DICK!!" so i wasn't really in a rush to see this joint, but we were "Pennying Out" movies at Gamestop (literally selling movies for a penny, to staff only) and i was like "what the hell" and copped it and this movie suprised the heck out of me. if you have time and like scary movies/thrillers, check this joint out. my favorite line out of that entire movie was: "Boy, the next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuckin' Mark Twain shit, 'cause it's definitely gettin' chiseled on your tombstone."


Stay updated with ya boy here.


this was some deep shit that needed to be said. alot of people are real stuck on this Barack thing but alot of it is what KRS-1 said is "Mindless Loyalty". its cool that B-Rock is President, but we also need to not let that be used as a distraction and we need to be just as critical of him as we were with Bush. We need to pay attention people. watch this whole thing and listen. it woke me up like a muthafucka.

Monday, February 2, 2009


this shit LITERALLY almost killed me last night. i was eating a slice of pizza when this part of the commercial came on and i started laughin HARD as hell and then the pizza got lodged in my throat and it was almost a wrap, luckily i made it to the bathroom and was able to throw up, but ya boy almost DID die laughin last night. and the bad thing is.....i was still laughin after the fact like i didn't learn my lesson the first damn time.


For those who were skeptical of the low cut Kobe's, here is a review from which was done by people who work in the shoe industry and basketball industry. Not bad, if i still played ball, i'd cop 'em (like that has stopped me from coppin basketball shoes in the past....).