Sunday, April 26, 2009

PIMPIN' 101....

American Pimp is one of my all time favorite documentaries and this dude was probably the slickest pimp on the joint but this was never on the dvd. of course, pimpin on females isn't funny, but this shit had me DYIN and they way dude was flippin his words is incredible. you can't script that shit. when he went down the list of what he called different women, it was a wrap. but it makes you think "what if dudes like this put their minds and words towards other shit instead of pimpin?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal


Cmon, you can't hate on Lebron, dude is really tryin to bring fun back to the NBA like its 1994-1998.


So 9th Wonder designed these joints and i'm not sure if they are droppin to the public or only for the JL crew, but i like these. Probably the tightest Pumas in my opinion since the OG Easter joints.


I need you to email me your info and what you need/want so i can get a package shipped out to you fam. i told you i got you. hopefully the shit don't take almost 2 months to get there like mine did when my family sent me joints back when i was overseas.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just heard the track on the homie Tommy's blog and it had a nigga makin' this face. Ya boy had the ill "Scrunchy". Lyrical ignorance....Welcome Back Kanye!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Alchemist ft. Maxwell (yeah, THAT Maxwell) and Twista - Smile

DAMN!! this shit is on repeat right now. i can't wait to see what else Alchemist is gonna come with.

Also, i've noticed that songs named "Smile" tend to go HARD as hell...

Trae ft. Jadakiss and Styles P - Smile

Scarface ft. 2Pac - Smile


(damn.....i didn't know my forehead was that fuckin long!)

Today I basically became a "Boss". One thing people know about me is that I will stand up to whoever, whenever and i'm never quick to back down. My manager came into the unit today because they were gonna try some new things on the unit and asked for opinions on how shit should be run. my Charge Nurse couldn't think of shit IMPORTANT to address and none of the other nurses ya boy had to grab his nuts and stand up and speak his piece. needless to say, 90% of the shit I spoke on is what is gonna get changed and wouldn't have gotten changed had I nutted up like those in positions over me. So, i'm "Rick Rossin' It" right now, even though its rainin like a muthafucka because not even dark skies can stop my shine.

Monday, April 13, 2009


DSR (Dirty South Ridaz) - Throwback Freestyle

I remember i had copped the Boss Hogg Outlawz All Freestyles Vol. 1 cd back in the Summer of 2002 and this was on there. it was their first song ever and i was like "Who are these niggaz? they are CRUNK as hell on here! that Fat Bastard nigga sound 'juicy mouthed-ed'!". Fabolous didn't even have his Throwback song until a year later but i used to play this on base ALL the time (the entire CD went so damn hard, ESPECIALLY the "Gridin" Freestyle with Slim Thug and Paul Wall). man, i miss the days when Texas niggaz used to say the most RETARDED shit in a freestyle but the shit would be so crunk at the same time. aaaahh memories. these niggaz even made songs about Iceberg shirts and what they were watching on their screens. insanity.



when that nigga said "Lets get dangerous, watchin Darkwing Duck"....i lost it.


After almost 20 albums (literally), my nigga FINALLY got a video on MTV, and not only that, but its the Jam Of The Week. dude RUNS Houston. even Pusha T gave him the co-sign. i just hope he finally gets his success because one more strike and that nigga is seeing LIFE and i'm not talkin the movie. i fuck with ALOT of Z-Ro's stuff (the nigga reps Mo City so i gotta support). Plus, he's the ONLY guy who has gone at 50 Cent and 50 backed down (the track "Snitch Niggaz" ft. Scarface). here are a few of my favorite Ro songs.

The Rain ft. Trae

That's Who I Am

I Hate You Bitch

I Found Me

(when people started acting phony around me, THIS track was on REPEAT)


i watched this yesterday and a nigga had to tilt his head back towards the end to keep the tears from forming. Spike Lee put in work on this joint and i'm kinda upset that it didn't get the props it deserved. big dude should have gotten some kind of nomination for his character because he did a good ass job in this. if you haven't seen it, check it out.


So i went by my boys crib on Friday to hit this Happy Hour spot and i had to use the bathroom. i'm putting in SERIOUS overtime on this niggaz toilet and i see this canister and i'm like "oh snap, this nigga got baby wipes like i advised him to do" (after Lousie and Renato put me on to the wipes, its been a wrap)...WRONG! the look on my face when i saw what the label said was one of those "a picture is worth a thousand words" joints. i was like "nigga, do you know how i would have felt like after wiping myself with one of these shits?!" and then the fact that them shits is FLAVORED?!?! THIS nigga was like "my bad, cuz. shorty came through last night and i gave her that 'Skinny P' treatment, my nig". Micah, this look like some shit YOU would have.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Because of politics, i had to go elsewhere to cop the Yeezys this past weekend. and it was crazy because to my suprise, i got in line at 10pm on Friday night and i was only the 19th person in line. so while i'm out there, i notice this one Mexican guy who was talkin about the shoes and tryin to sell me his spot in line (he was the person in FRONT of me, wtf). this herb claimed to be a "shoe head" but the dude kept pronouncing the "McFlys" as "McFlyers" and didn't even know the significance of the shoe. THEN the nigga couldn't even pronounce Foamposite and he got shitted on by this white girl who was in line reading Eclipse (the third book in the Twilight series). THIS muthafucka tried to sell his spot in line for $650. had he known his shit, he would have known that was too much for a SPOT in line for this shoe. nobody is droppin a total of $850 for the Yeezys. then FOX News came by twice to interview people throughout the night and one nigga caught a severe "Sniper" and busted his ass on camera tryin to stunt. another nigga tried to high sign and hold his new Yeezy sneaker out the window, only to drop it and almost run over it. and that cornball in front of me DID get the last pair of Yeezys, but he couldn't do shit with it, not even flip them for what he wanted. HERB!! also, my lil nigga Kareem who i practically raised in high school was the first dude in line and he said he's gonna hold down some spots for me for the black joints, so ya boy is "in there like swim wear".


The person above is Kelley Hammond, close friend and co-worker. When i got hired, she said her main objective was to show her "whiteness" but she has actually shown her "gangsta" more than anything. first off, she loves ribs and grits. most white people don't even know what the fuck GRITS are. she is one of the few people who can actually whoop ya boy in Street Fighter (yeah, she's legit). but the shit that trips me out the most is what comes out of her mouth when people aren't paying attention. this past weekend, we were working and this older white woman comes in and wants a used PS2. seeing how somebody forgot to take ONE of the old display boxes off that said $69, when they were back to $79, she wants to start complaining that she wants it for the $69 on the box even though the other 15 boxes say "$79". so Kelley, being the all american white girl she is, honors the mistake and gives the old bitch the system for $69. as SOON as she leaves and the store is empty, she busts out "GOD I FUCKING HATE WHITE PEOPLE! THEY ACT SO FUCKING CHEAP. FUCK, YOU'RE WHITE, I KNOW YOU HAVE THE TEN BUCKS FOR THE SYSTEM!!!" when she said that last line, i had to go to the back because that shit caught me off guard like a muthafucka.


YA BOY IS BACK IN BUSINESS. alot has been goin down, change in work schedule and all that so bear with me. but again, i'm back like cooked crack.