Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm not homophobic (but i DO fear gettin raped by another nigga, but that doesn't count) but this shit is gettin ridiculous. i hate that gay people have made the word "gay" GAY!! Before they got their hands on it, the shit meant "happy", now the word "gay" means "i might wanna fuck my boy Shawn in the ass after this game of Madden". I mean, damn, listen to the last line in The Flintstones theme song, "We'll have a GAY old time". so now what, Fred was givin Barney a prehistoric "Dick Down" and Betty and Wilma were "Limestone Munchers"? i mean, because according to all homos, "GAY" means "i wanna Dirk Diggler the people who use the same public restroom as me". what kinda shit is that? i feel they should just stick with the word "homo" and let us use the word gay since we had that shit first. and then theres the rainbow shit. Before, a rainbow was something that EVERYBODY loved. It meant that even after a fucked up rainy day, there was something good waiting or even a pot of gold at the end of it. now, if you follow something with a "rainbow", it might be some gay midget nicknamed "Sweet n Low" and he's tryin to get at YOUR "Lucky Charms". I can't even wear my old Denver Nuggets jersy without people thinkin I wanna "throw back" some niggaz "nuggets" in my mouth. thats that bullshit. i'm a Spring Baby (April 2nd, all day) and i love colors but gay people are tryin to take over everything. Next thing you know, Rainbow Brite might be the mascot for all lesbians instead of being a cute cartoon character for children. i swear fam, they tryin to take over more already established shit than Christopher Columbus, The Pilgrims and Leif Ericson with George Bush backin em up.....


In the words of Stayve "Slim Thug" Thomas: "Nigga you must a pain freak, you stay gettin' rode on..."..

damn........Che got that nigga.........i've been tellin niggaz that Charles Hamiliton destroyed his own career before it got started. First Soulja Boy, then Joe Buddens, then Serius Jones and now RHYMEFEST?!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Helio Gracie, the father of Gracie jiu-jitsu, is dead at the age of 95. Gracie passed in his sleep early Thursday in Itaipaiva, Rio de Janeiro, after he had been admitted to a local hospital a few days prior for stomach problems.

“He passed the way he always wanted to –- quick and fast,” said an immediate relative, who asked not to be identified. The relative said Gracie’s body would be buried on Thursday.

The youngest of Cesalina and Gastao Gracie’s eight children, he learned traditional jiu-jitsu by watching his brother, Carlos, teach it, but his small frame made it difficult for him to execute the moves. As a result, he adapted techniques to fit his limited physical ability and gave rise to modern-day Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Gracie was involved in two legendary fights. He lost to Masahiko Kimura -- a man who outweighed him by some 40 pounds -- in 1951 when Carlos threw in the towel after Kimura broke Gracie’s arm with the shoulder lock that now bears his name. Four years later, Gracie fought former student Valdemar Santana for nearly four hours before losing.

His impact on the sport of mixed martial arts was profound. His son, Rorion, was credited with developing the concept that became the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and another of his sons, Royce, won the first two UFC tournaments in 1993 and 1994. Two other sons, Rickson and Royler, also competed in MMA.

Gracie is survived by his wife Vera; his sons Rickson, Royler, Rolker, Royce, Relson, Robin and Rorion; his daughters Rerika and Ricci, as well as numerous siblings, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren

fought a nigga for 4 HOURS?! DAMN!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


These people below have participated in sports where they were at a SEVERE disadvantage in the sports they were competing in, yet, they beat others who weren't...





This one's for you.....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


i can't front, i actually like this joint. the beat is dope and ALOT better than that "Yes" crap that they put out earlier. but i can't help but think what Terrence and Gene would sound like on this......check it here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As of lately in my life time, i have only let "vaginal americans" or women cut my hair and for good reason. have you ever noticed that dykes seem to have the most THROWED fades and edge ups? when i was out in VA, the only male to have the priviledge of cutting my hair was my dude Barfield who now owns his own shop called Kuttin Edges on Hampton Blvd near the Norfolk base. and he will probably be the only male to ever do so. after that, i've only let females touch my hair and my current barber is a female. when i was stationed at the Naval Hospital, i stayed on base and met this lil white chick with a bangin ass body named Kim who was from Philly. after about a 2 days of socializing, i pulled my patented "wanna go watch a movie in my room" technique and proceeded to "Slang dis Angus". after "Puttin it down for H Town", she looked at my fro and said "wow, you need an shape up" and i was like "what the hell you know about a shape up?" and she says "i used to cut hair back in Philly". thinkin she was bullshittin, i put her to the challenge and allowed her to show me what he had. MAN! she put it down on a nigga. she even bust out the STRAIGHT RAZOR for the lining. if you've never had a straight razor lining, you REALLY need to step it up. so a couple times after that, i proceeded to "get some trim" and get a trim until i got deployed and when i got back she was on her way out the navy for doin some dumb shit so that was the end of that. but i found her on facebook and she is back to cuttin full time and her skills are still dope as you can see below.

and after gettin out the navy, i started my rebellious stage and grew my hair out and started tryin to find somebody who was good at braiding. after finding all these women who braided in their houses and so forth, and i was about to give up and shave it all off until i was in Chesapeake Square Mall and found a card with some of the CRAZIEST designs i had ever seen. i called up the girl Teneshia or "Slim" as she is better known as and scheduled an appointment. i went into the salon and i saw alot of Commonwealth customers sittin under dryers, blowin "trees" or readin JET magazine and stuff and then it dawned on me..."theres nothing but DUDES up in here". Slim told me she didn't do females hair because they were "messy" and trouble, so she only braids up lesbians, guys and gay dudes. from jump, i knew she was the shit because she took me to the back and gave me the best wash and conditioning i had ever had in my life. she is the reason i'm addicted to Tea Tree oil conditioner. then she blew my hair out, greased my scalp and went to work on my scalp. when i first heard Mario's song "Braid My Hair", i was like "what kinda hoe ass, sensitive bullshit is this weak ass nigga singin about". man.....Slim was braiding a niggaz hair so good it put me to sleep. she was hittin spots in my scalp that made a niggaz TOES curl up. the attention to detail that she has when she does her job is the reason why i'm VERY picky about any female braiding my hair nowadays. once i moved to texas in 2007, i had to "lock" up my hair with dreads because females down here can't braid for shit after being with Slim for the time i was in VA. so if you are in the 7 cities or trying to get a dope stylist or whatever, hit her up on . she is the ORIGINATOR of the "Slim Braid", when a small braid branches out from a larger braid an she was the first licensed braider in the state of VA. check out some of her shit below. she is the truth. i dare ANYBODY to find someone better.

Monday, January 26, 2009


that dude Jus is back in the building!!!! bout damn time. lmao.


yeah, i had to do it again. big ups Scott and Nato for holdin ya boy down on these today. i missed out on the Flights so i had to backdoor with the Foams. and purple IS the color of royalty. so after doing some counting, this is pair #154. damn, i need help.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Is this the "Year of Yeezy"? these joints.....i have no word for but i like them. and i can tell if they do a black colorway or an all red joint, they are gonna be ill. all i know is Gucci better find somebody they can collab with because Sir Marc of Jacobs is killin the game right now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009



“an inspirational blend” that includes “amber waves of buttery ice cream with roasted non-partisan pecans,” Ben & Jerry’s announced Monday.

this is that bullshit i've been talkin about all damn week. i mean, what the fuck? man, can the man do SOMETHING before people start doin all this marketing and branding shit? on the real, fuck these fuckin fuckers. i swear if they make a fuckin cereal like "Obama O's" with little marshmallow flags and crunchy o's and shit, or limited edition Obama Oreos, i'm movin to Djibouti......


aight, so my girl Monica hit me with one of those "meme" things about "25 things about you" and i sent it to some of my people on facebook. the Lil Big homie Tamara decided to respond with hers and i fell out. Tamara, after reading your joint, i'm mad we didn't talk until AFTER we got out of high school because you are a "unique" individual and that quiet, shy girl act you pulled throughout high school worked because you had me fooled. lol. here my top joints from her response that had me in tears.

2. In 1st grade, I once told a classmate that he would die before me because he was older than me. His mother (a teacher) overheard me and got really angry and told me that I might die first. I still think it's funny that she let a 1st-grader get her so angry when I thought I was just stating the facts.

3. In 4th grade, I was helping my teacher put chairs on top of the desks (along with a few other teacher's pets). Everyone was joking around saying, we're gonna murder these chairs and stuff like that. I chimed in with, yeah we're gonna RAPE these chairs! (At the time, I thought rape was a synonym for murder). A shocked silence fell over the classroom as the teacher said, we don't say those kinds of things here.

For the other 23, hit up her blog.

P.S. if yall knew this woman and seen how petite and quiet she is, you'd know why this shit is funny as hell.


for those that knew me back when i used to work at the Commonwealth VA store, i was always jammin old school samples and i know alot of dudes were like "where does this nigga find alot of this stuff?", now, i've decided to let the cat out the bag and reveal my secrets because thats how i do. i can't hold all the good stuff to myself all the time. so search and enjoy on this blog.


Shout out to the little homie ChrisHK for the Pee Wee pic. i used to always tell people Pee Wee was rockin "Black Mullet", now Ye is rockin it too. but Mr. Kirkland was the originator. but i've always asked myself....."why don't his barbers tell him to cut that shit off?".....


okay, THESE are off the chain. i used to think Kanye was bullshittin with the whole "fashion is my first love" mess, but dude has a talent for design, straight up. and as yall know, i have a thing for red sneakers and these are just doin it for me.



or as we all know him..

niggaz are lucky i'm not a rapper and droppin diss would be over....


real talk, i shed a couple joints watchin this because i remember when my great grandfather passed about 4 years ago and it messed up my world. everytime i would call, i would be expectin him to say "Heeeeey, Cater Boy!!" and all i would get was my great grandmother or my aunt or somebody, but not Gramps. and that shit killed me on the inside. its like, you can't believe that person is gone because they've been around you for so long, ya know and you just KNOW they are gonna be there in the morning. i remember i took his pipe and a pair of his Dickie coveralls and just kept them because i needed to have that smell of pipe tobacco and Old Spice to calm a nigga down because whenever i got mad or upset about something, i would always smell that because Gramps was right there to chill me out. and the way he went destroyed me because he had cancer and didn't tell anybody because he wanted to make sure his bride was okay because she was goin through her own health issues and he kept sayin "hey, Cater Boy, when you gonna get me another Peacoat?" and i told him i'd get him one that Christmas. he died a week before and i had to bury him with it, my "dixie cup" and my medals and ribbons i got from war. people, make sure you let those in your life know you care about them, real talk. spend as much time with them as much as possible. i just hope when i leave this earth, somebody shows the same love to my memory and soul like Mr. Chicity did with his homeboy. peace.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i honestly would have gotten this had i known about it. real talk. i mean, look at the tracklisting for it.

"Ante Up (REMIX)" by MOP feat. Busta Rhymes

"Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot


"Beware of the Boyz"

"California Love RMX" by Tupac Shakur

"Crank It Up" by David Banner

"Don't Believe the Hype" by Public Enemy


"Express Yourself" by NWA

"Fix Up" by Dizzee Rascal

"Game Over" by Lil' Flip

"Get Busy"

"Get By" by Talib Kweli

"Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliot

"Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg

"Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas

"Hypnotize" by Notorious B.I.G.

"Jesus Walks" by Kanye West

"Ma, I Don't Love Her"

"Naggin" by Ying Yang Twins

"Nothing but a G Thang" by Dr. Dre

"Pass that Dutch"

"Posse on Broadway"

"Pump It Up"

"Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa

"Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang

"Rubber Band Man" by T.I.

"Ruff Ryder's Anthem" by DMX

"Still Ballin (Nitty Remix)"

"The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground

"The Jump Off" by Lil' Kim feat. Mr Cheeks

"The Next Episode" by Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg

"Through the Wire" by Kanye West

"Tipsy" by J-Kwon

"What Da Hook Gon Be"


"Wit Dre Day" by Dr. Dre

"Work It" by Missy Elliott

"X Gon Give It To Ya" by DMX


i can't take this shit anymore......


damn.....glad i'm not light skinned. OOOHH SNEAK DISS!!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


"I'm wearin throw ahead jerseys/'Koopa what the hell is that?'/an NBA jeresey with a college niggaz name on the back.."-- Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Sereki

So i'm at work, waiting for this patient to come down so we can put her line in when all of a sudden the transporter comes in with her and her family member. while i'm getting the paperwork and everything situated, i see her son take off his jacket. THATS when i gave the nigga the above "Buster Keaton" ice grill. THIS nigga had on a bootleg USA jersey with "OBAMA" on the back and the number 44 (the 44th president) right underneath it and on the front. if slavery was still legal, you could have sold my black ass for a penny because i was done with life. i wish i could have taken a picture, but due to hospital policies and HIPPA, that shit was out of the question. people, this overmarketing is going TOO damn far right now. the Undercrown shirt and the Alex Ross joint were dope and the first of their kind, so was the Obey joint. but these "bedazzled" joints and shoes and shit need to stop ASAP. the man hasn't even been in office yet. yall don't even know if he will mess us over more than Bush and yall already go him on your entire outfit, head to toe LITERALLY.

Friday, January 16, 2009


With the movie coming out tonight (i'm waiting on reviews first), i decided to post my Top 5 favorite Biggie tracks/videos of all time. people who know me know that i'm a Biggie fan and i say he was one of the greatest to do it. i was never a big Pac fan when he was alive nor after he was dead. but i was a Christopher Wallace "Stan" coming up.


come ON, fam, you can't listen to this without singin it. this is the perfect, after the club, drunken song. i can see a group of niggaz with bottles in their hands, drunk as hell, swaying side to side and singin this off key as hell and not givin a fuck.


i remember when i first heard this as a youngin, my mind was blown. i've always had a good ear for good shit even at a young age and when i heard this, i got the "ugly face". the beat, flawless. his flow, smooth as Skippy. the only thing that could have made this the greatest track in history was if you put Tical on it.


Biggie, Premo, how could you go wrong? when my boy Gabe had got this cd and let me borrow it, this was the only song i played for about 2 days straight. no bull. i had it memorized after about 20 minutes.


Real talk, i literally shed tears hearin this joint when it came out. i was 15 and Big was my dude. i really wasn't a Pac fan, but Big was my dude. and when i saw this video, it just sealed the deal for me. i haven't even seen the movie and these KIDS did a better job of playin Puff and Big in my mind.


This was just perfect. the song, the cameos, everything. i really can't say anything else about it. its just perfect and thats why its number one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i can officially kill myself now because i've seen it all. there is nothing left for me. lmao. am i the only person that has seen this?!

WOW.....JUST WOW....

PART 1 & 2


i know that i will catch flack for saying this and i'm not sending shots or anything, but this joint addressed the whole "Hip Hop Is Dead" thing better than Nas' entire album of the same title. this was the best thing i've heard in hip hop since Skillz and his semi annual end of the year Rap Ups.


when dudes ankle started spinning, i lost it. and then Kobe bust out the "shhhhhh" when the horse started makin noise. priceless.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


(ya boy was WRECKIN that Earth, Wind and Fire "Reasons")

so yeah, ya boy went to karaoke saturday night with about 20 other people and i must say, it WAS off the damn chain. we had bottles at the table, it was like 8 dudes and 18 females and it was pretty damn amusing (besides the $500 tab we had to pay). but the highlight of the night was the actual song selection and the videos they showed. the spot we went to was a "members only" joint and if you weren't a member or not with a member, you weren't gettin in that joint. on each flat screen there was a korean movie that somehow went with the song you were singing. weird. but again back to the songs, these dudes had RAP songs on their joints!! i'm talkin Nas, Pac, Snoop, Nelly, and even Souljah Boy. and it got me kinda pissed because i remember a couple years back, i was talkin to Will and we were talkin about how dope it would be if we could start up a Hip Hop Karaoke night somewhere but we didn't know how to get that poppin so we just left it alone and low and behold, they are doin the shit in New York AND London right now. aint that a BITCH?! and look how crunk they are at the London joint:

(this "anglo assassin" is crunk as HELL!!)

if you are in Houston or VA, lets try to get this jumpin! i would go to that shit EVERY night it was available, straight up. again, ESPECIALLY if you are in Houston and know how to get this crackin, holla at me so we can do this and get it started.


I was just on Tommy's blog a lil while ago and i saw he had a picture and a clip of Sade on there. the first thing that came to mind was "damn she was fine", followed by "damn she had a BIG ass forehead". but she was rockin the HELL outta that frontal lobe though, nawmean. and i noticed that lately, i've been having a little of a "dome fetish" if you will with females with slightly larger than normal foreheads and i started to think back about females that looked like they were of "Klingon" decent that i wanted to go "warp speed" on.


the ORIGINATOR. she had a song called "No Ordinary Love" and this was no ordinary forehead. look at how that joint comes out! i'm tellin you, if this was my wife and i came home from work, the first thing i'm smoochin is that "Lemon head" ass dome.

Tyra Banks

She needs to stop messin around have a show called Americas Next Top Mound the mound on her head is exquisite. and i see her tryin to hide it with them lace weave shits and them big ass bangs n shit. damnit, EMBRACE ya dome girl because i know i would embrace and palm that muthafucka like a Spalding basketball if we were doin "The Grown Up".

Christina Ricci

Sweet jesus, do you see this? i like to call her "Sony" because that joint is like a beautiful HD flat screen. its all shiny n shit. its almost like 1080p and the "p" stands for Protruding because the top of that joint DOES come out. and i love it. i mean, look at the face to forehead ratio?

Nastia Liukin

Gyaaaaaaaah.....DAMN!! nothing beats this joint though. She may have gotten a silver medal at the Olympics.....but i'll give her head the gold. i know her joint looks "Dolphin like" but who doesn't like Flipper? come on people. i would wake up in the morning and write little love notes backwards on her forehead like "baby, i love you, have a great day at practice and see you when i get home. love you" so she can see that shit in the mirror and know my love for her AND her head.

i might have to change "GTD" from Got The Draws to Got The Dome. i'm thinkin about makin a porno film with this 4 called "Fine Freaks, Foreheads and Flows".


I remember back in 2006, i was workin at Commonwealth and i happened to be surfing the net and saw this picture. this was before the BMPs were even announced and i was like "what the FUCK are those?" when i saw the Jordan 3s. just black and red?! come on. i can only see the back of the shoe and i know it looks tight. but what happened to them? did they and why did they get scrapped? these shits BETTER be droppin this year because after 3 years, i STILL want those.


like a butt naked foreign female sittin in front of me whose only english words are "i want you Lex", i just HAD to do it. i made a post about red shoes last year and how they just pop out at you and out of that list i copped about, eh, ZERO of them joints. lol. but then i saw a picture of Kanye rockin these a month or so ago and i thought "damn those are clean but i bet they aren't droppin". WRONG! they did and i just ordered them from the DC store about 2 minutes ago. now, all i need is to get those "Gucci" Jordans (i hate nicknaming shoes, but thats the first thing that came to mind when i saw them) and i'll be good. i can tell these are gonna be comfortable, so be on the look out for a dude with some huge red boats on his feet in the 713 and 281 areas. i'm gonna have the little "Period Boys" mad as hell because i don't even bang and i got em. suckaaaaaaz...


People who know me know that i'm love old school soul music and so forth. back in the day, REAL RnB used to blasting out of my crib growing up. now, RnB has turned into Rap n Bullshit because thats what you get on alot of these so called RnB songs today. back in the day, you could smash a chick to an RnB song. now, you can do that shit to a fuckin Plies song. if you play some old RnB around a female today, she's gonna think you old as hell. real talk. i was with this "yamp" about a month ago and i started playin this in the crib and she said "damn, you don't have any T-Pain, Neyo or Chris Brown?"..the mental record in my head made the BIGGEST scratch noise ever! i was like WHAT?! i can't get on "beast mode" to no damn Neyo. Chris Brown doesn't make me want to "put it down for H town". Neyo doesn't put me on "beast mode". she started dissin' these dudes. this was a damn combination of the greatest of their time. Barry White, James Ingram, Al B. Sure, El Debarge and Quincy Jones were the biggest team up of separate forces since Voltron. now, don't get it twisted. i DO like alot of new shit if its good, but i don't forget the good OLD stuff either. so, i still ended up "reppin for the home team" but that shit still bothered me because it made me feel old when i'm only 25, which is still considered young by todays standards. i mean, when i was in my EARLY 20's and late teens, it was different. back then i was a wild dude, so it was normal for me to "GTD" to these tracks:

but as i got older, your style matures. you can't be 30 and 40 and having T-Pain as as your soundtrack, ya know. but when a female tells me she listens to nothing but "RnB" but only has T-Pain, Neyo and so forth in her collection, it makes me think "what IS RnB nowadays"?

YO PAT PREEZY.............FUCK YOU!!!!

just by lookin at this jar, you should already know WHY i'm sayin "fuck you". i wasn't even aware of this shit until i saw ya blog and saw Soulja Boy's reaction. i didn't even get 30 seconds into the shit before i damn near threw up. you have officially fucked up my day, fam. thanx.


In the words of Jamie Foxx, "i aint no punk about my shit.." but this shit right here scares the FUCK outta me...

Monday, January 12, 2009


this is one of my other favorite "Martin Moments" from the show. what made it even funnier were the dudes in the courtroom gettin crunk and then Tommy puttin the "draws" all in the judges face. classic. i remember that when i younger, i would always say "GTD" after smashin a female i was after at the time. it was like an original version of "FTW". i remember i was 19 when i accidently said it out loud after i got through "slangin angus" and "puttin it down for H town", the girl i was with was like "what was that?". i said "what?", she said "whats GTD?". i had to think quick and i said "Got To Drink, i ususally say that when i'm thirsty. its kinda like BRB(be right back, i do weird shit like that. you know me". it wasn't until about a year later when i saw her in the barracks lounge when i came on base to pick up one of my boys when i saw her and she looked at me and said "you GOT THE DRAWS, huh?" and all i could do was laugh.


okay, i've been hearing about this song and i decided to check it out and the song may be called "Yes", but a nigga is sayin NO! did this "west Guyanese bat fish" head ass nigga say "The F is for Phenomenal"!?! nigga it starts with a fuckin P, P NIGGA!!! and speakin of P, did this "idjit" say "yes i eat that pussy, oh how do i love that 'panty pie'"? who calls it "Panty Pie"? and why is P tryin to go "hardcore" now? wasn't this nigga just rockin "slim fitties" last week? i don't know, i would like the instrumental of this to jam in the car, but the song itself SUCKS!!! and if you like the song, cool. thats all you. but before you fix your mouth to say anythings slick out the side of ya mouth, remember what Common said in Sixth Sense: "if i don't like it, i don't like it. that don't mean that i'm hatin"..


aight, so those who know me know that i'm a fighting game fiend. Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, Killer Instinct, etc. it doesn't matter, i'll beast on anybody who comes at me. but the game that i feel that i am king at is Street Fighter. i talk ALOT of shiznit when it comes to some good ol' SF. so, the other night, i'm talkin to the big homie Will while on my way home from the Galleria. while we were talkin, he mentions that he just copped a Playstation 3 that day. so i'm like "awww shit, word?" and he says he's playin the new Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (the longest fuckin name for a game EVER!!) and so i start shit talkin, talkin about how i'm a beast on it and that he needs to get some practice before he tries to step to "The Boss" and all that. so i end up going out that night and forgot to hit him up. so that sunday morning, i call him and we get online and i just KNOW i'm bout to whoop this nigga because the whole time i've known Will, i've never known him to even play a video game, let alone some Street Fighter. so i decide to go with my dude Fei Long and he gets Ryu. i lost. i didn't expect Will to be that decent in the game, so i didn't want to get SUPER beast-like on this nigga, but i said fuck it. the next round i went into my bag of tricks and bust out with Akuma on that ass. i whooped this nigga AND did the "Raging Demon" on him at the end. so i'm feelin my swag comin back, but then the internet connection starts messing up. so about 10-15 minutes later we are able to get one more game in and its Ryu vs. Ryu and this nigga wins AGAIN!! so right now, the score is: Will 2, Lex 1. the rematch WILL be happening again soon, so stay tuned....


man......THIS.....MOVIE.....IS....THE....SHIT! i was up late last night and flipping through the 900 and sumthin channels i have, HOPING something would be on (you would think with that many channels, SOMETHING would be on) and i saw this "Lamont Sanford" lookin ass Don Cheadle dude talkin alot of shit and i was like "damn, this might be good". and it was. the story was dope and it just a good as movie. i can't stress that enough. dude just tryin to do the only thing he knew HOW to do.....keep it real. i want to go into detail, but i just want yall to check it out yourself. i give this joint a 5 out of 5.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


i like shoes and all, everybody knows that. but a fuckin Air Max COFFIN!!!?!?!? come the fuck on, fam. who is gonna take you serious? thats damn near as bad as that dude who wanted to be standing up when he died. and yes, its a full sized, REAL coffin. you are asking for nothin BUT jokes at your wake if you're in this joint. this is worse than the "Pimp" coffin and that damn PBR coffin i saw online.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


E, i don't know what that shoe was that you posted. lol. but yeah, these are the official Kanye X Louis Vuitton collabs and they look pretty dope. will i buy them? if i had the loot, but since i don't own anything Louis and that big of a fan of Louis, i'll pass. but they ARE clean as hell, nonetheless.


MAAAAAAAN!!! i slit my right eyelid open when i was 5 years old trying to imitate shit from this movie. lol. i had a broken arm, from trying to impress this yellow bone 2nd grader a month before on the monkey bars(will address that at a later date), and i was STILL tryin to do tricks on my lil BMX bike in the alley and fell on a broken glass bottle and slit my shit. but anyway, i STILL loved this movie, no matter how corny it was. the whole time i was standing on my bike seat, "Send an Angel" was playin in my head until the crash, blood and screaming followed. lol. there was this spot called Movie Scene that was around the corner from my apartment when i was in VA and they had it on VHS and meant to go and buy it from them, but i got caught up at my jobs and when i went back the NEXT week the place was a ghost town. i figured with all the hype around the X Games and shit, they could have at LEAST done a damn anniversary edition or something.

Friday, January 9, 2009




#5....TOE JAM & EARL
the FIRST hip hop influenced game EVER, my cousin had this joint and we used to play it to death. this goes on the list just off GP.

the first fighting game with rappers. though the game kinda sucked, back then i didn't care because it was Wu Tang, the songs were dope and it was a fighting game. everything from GZA's Liquid Swords to ODB's Drunken Boxing style was dope. this had to be on the list.

come ON, how can you hate on this joint? i remember i had the demo disc on my Psone and i got on peoples nerves singin the Master Onion part. i have still have it on Psone and i recently copped it for my PSP for rappin' on the go.

this came in at a VERY close second. i know what some of you might be thinking, "how is this hip hop influenced?". well, if you knew your hip hop, graffiti is one of the 4 elements: MC'ing, DJ'ing, Breaking, and "Writing". i lost sleep on this joint and played it for 5 hours straight one night. it did for graffiti what Tony Hawk did for skateboarding. it recognized and featured legends like Kaws, Futura, Shepherd Fairey, and many more. the soundtrack was one of the best in a video game and covered everything from Nina Simone to Del tha Funky Homosapien. the story was good enough for a movie. the cast featured everybody from Talib Kweli, Charlie Murphy, Rosario Dawson, Mark Hamill, Diddy and many more. i had to get another copy since SOMEBODY *cough* Walt*cough* stole my original. this game got the stamp of approval from alot of graff heads and thats a hard thing to do. but if you can, play this joint.

Hands down THE best hip hop influenced games, if not one of the best games EVER, in history. the story line was dope. the fun factor was dope. the soundtrack was "ignant" and it had like 50 people the game. i forgot how fun it was until i was going through my closet and saw it. who knew beating the shit out of Bonecrusher with Famlay could be so fun or using Ludacris to beat the shit out of Shawna for making 2 non selling ass albums. to this day, i STILL can't be beat in this joint. if you think you can, get at me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


(intead of dunkin donuts, she should've been dunkin DEEZ hair havin ass)

so the woman who WAS going to be my baby momma, Candace Parker, got knocked up by some "premature Albanian wolf monkey" ass nigga and now the league is trippin about it. NOW, why the hell are they trippin about her being pregnant? that IS what STRAIGHT women do right? or did they forget she wasn't "Dunkin' Dyke" like most of the league? didn't they know that it WOULD happen down the line or did they forget about the whole "pregnancy" thing when they started the WNBA? i'm happy she's pregnant by a guy because i was scared they were gonna "recruit" her like most female basketball teams do. but i'm mad that it isn't mine. i've always wanted to mess with a female taller than me. i'm 6'2 and she's 6'6. do you know how fun it would be to "knock down" a female that tall? thats nothing but legs.thats a straight up challenge right there. i bet sex would look something like this...

there is this one light skinned nurse that works here at the hospital and she used to play ball and she's about 6'6 or 6'7 and i'm just like "damn, you big tall, beautiful, and sexy giraffe bitch". lol. i don't know what it is. i mean, i LOVE women. short ones are cute as hell and normal ones are always a plus, but its something about tall women that almost put me on Beast Mode. i think its a level of "exoticness" (IF thats even a real word) about it. sure, you can find a black female mixed with korean or whatever, but how often can you find a female that can dunk on you or can box you out of the paint?


this song is hilarious on SOOOOO many levels and i don't think it was meant to be. i wish they had this joint at a kareoke spot because i would run on stage and wreck this joint. lmao. i bet by tomorrow, ONE of yall will be singing this song tomorrow. this song WINS and FAILS at the same time.


i'd like to thank my boy Micah for putting up more information about my friend Robbie. i had posted a thread about it the day of his shooting here, but seeing how my boy has THOUSANDS of more views and followers than myself, i appreciate him gettint he info out there a lil more. thanks pimp. but i DO have an issue with some of CNNs info, this did NOT happen in a Dallas community, it happened in Houston. second, the black guy talking was Quanell X, an instigatin ass nigga aka "civil rights activist" and leader of the New Black Panther Party, NOT their attorney. come on CNN, get the right info.

but on some real shit, it suprises me that this happened to a friend of mine but it doesn't suprise me that its Bellaire police. they are some of the WORST and most RACIST cops in Houston. my mother, who was driving an expensive car at the time, was stopped after dropping me off at school during my sophmore year for no damn reason. when she asked the cop why she was pulled over, he said it was because of a blown tail light. there was nothing wrong with her tail light. it was because she was black and in an expensive car. me and my boys Ron and Lindsley were outside the school by the baseball field waiting for Ron's mom to bring his English paper and a Bellaire cop asked us for indentification saying "he doesn't recognize us going to the school", so being the mouthy lil nigga i was at the time, i said "we don't recognize you either and i bet there are 800 other students you don't recognize at this school either". he tells us there have been a string of burglaries in the area (FALSE, if there were, it would have been on the damn news) and we fit the description. mind you, we were 15 and 16 at the time. and when Ron's mom pulled up and asked what was the problem, the hoe ass cop peeled off. THEN there was the time i was walking to the crib, about 4 blocks from school and a cop pulled me over and said "you don't LOOK like you live in this area". and what makes the issue with Robbie even worse is the cop is close friends with the City Manager and the Mayor had the "ovaries" to say that there is no history of racial profiling in Bellaire. "Non Nigga" please!!


Aretha Franklin - Young, Gifted and Black

after watching one of my favorite movies in life, Higher Learning (shit should be saved in the archives because i witnessed alot of the shit in this movie during MIDDLE school. lol), there was a scene where Malik was on the track and this track was playing and it always stuck with me and i finally remembered to get it for my iPod today. i'm adding this joint to my morning playlist for when i start my days off. the lyrics are the same throughout the song, but i think its done that way to stress the point that we ARE young, gifted and black. look at what alot of you all have accomplished: Candice, you've graduated college and have a talent in designing clothes. Tamara, you are going for your Masters which alot of people can't do, either due to money or self doubt. My crew (Tommy, Micah, Will, E, Jus and etc) look at the shit we've accomplished, people WISH they could be in the positions that we are in and do and see some of the shit we have. and some of you who read my blog, who i don't know on a personal level like i named above, have also probably done some shit in your life that others wish they could do. like Aretha said "we must begin to tell our young, theres a world waiting for you and yours is the quest thats just begun". we are all just getting started and we have a chance to rule this big blue and green planet, so lets be like Jeezy and lets get it.


this is dedicated to the lil big homie Tamara after seeing her quote on her blog, "may your day rain unicorns upon you". my cousin sent me a text last month saying i need to look up this dumb shit and the theme song had me crackin up. the stuff people put on youtube, i swear....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


oh shit, after laughing for the past 30 mins, i'm actually able to muster enough strength to post what just happened. i'm up here at work and the PACU (recovery room) nurses were still here with a late case. one of the nurses that happened to be staying was this DUMB ass hispanic one named Anna. now, before yall say some retarded shit like "why she gotta be dumbass hispanic one", its because she IS dumb and everybody knows it. but anyway, on top of being dumb as hell, her english is still kind of bad despite being here for 25 years. wtf?. so she is talking to the patient and the patient has alot of drool in his mouth due to him being doped up on meds. so appearently, this patients is gonna need that taken care of or else he's gonna choke or drown on his own saliva. so, she DOES do the intelligent thing and gets the yankour (suction device) and prepares to clean the patients mouth, BUT, her non english speaking ass makes the WRONG choice of words. instead of saying "do you need some suction?", THIS dumbass says "Do you want me to suck you?". nigga i damn near lost it. i had to leave the damn unit as quick as possible because knowing my dumbass, all hell would have broken loose. if i were the patient and she asked me that shit, lord knows what would be my response. i bet dude was like "damn, surgery AND a happy ending?". lol.


i'll be the first to say that i'm not the biggest Wayne fan. i USED to be back in the Hot Boy days and the Squad Up era, but not so much lately. but anyway, i remember when i had The Dedication mixtape and Wayne was saying how his tv stays on sports channels and i thought "THIS nigga don't know anything about sports". well, i take that back. dude knows his stuff during this interview and uses alot of good reference points. i normally don't do this but, big ups to Wayne on this one. say what you want but dude knows his sports.

Monday, January 5, 2009



this joint has me over here cryin right now. this looks like some shit that would happen at Excess in Virginia Beach.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


go ahead and catch feelings...some of yall are next.....


whenever i hear this track i feel like gangsta walkin. if you had ever gone to a Commonwealth party or just been in the store when a tight song came on, more than likely you've seen me "Get Buck" and start "walkin".


so i'm here at work, doing paperwork and stuff and while i'm filing shit, i see a big ass thing of Jergen's lotion. and then it hit me. i'm one of 3 black people on this damn unit and none of us bought the shit. so it made me think, "why do i see all these lotion commercials and not ONE of them has a black person on them" seriously. no offense, but i have never seen an ashy white person. i've never heard a white person tell another one "damn, buddy, have you been climbing up coconut trees? get some lotion on yourself." i've never heard an asian person say "dude, you might want to slide some oil to your elbows, my friend". i'm sorry but "ash" is not universal. now chapped lips, yes. no matter what color a person is, you can always spot a person with "Brick Mouth", but not ashy ankles or knees. i mean damn, they have "Black" Kool Aid commericals, can we get a "Black" lotion commerical? niggaz use Olay too, fam (not me, i'm a Johnson's Baby Lotion person myself). i don't know, just a random thought...


after checkin the blogs of members of my team, i've noticed some are pointing out the fact that i've been "Calling out", "going IN" and "sonning" certain individuals. now, to the untrained eye or whatever, it WOULD seem that way. but for those who know me, i'm not malicious towards people within my inner circle. its all fun and games. like Dame Dash said once "i make the artists on my roster battle to keep them sharp" and thats what i'm about. i "call out" certain individuals to keep them on their toes the same way they do me. so for those who may not know and are ready to call the Feds and tell them that Lex is verbally assaulting niggaz, thats not the case. well, at least not with my crew. NOW, if you aren't my fam and decide to come out ya mouth and/or neck sideways then yeah, you WILL get it verbally. like this one pimp said in "American Pimp": "i'm known to call my females hoes, bitches, faggots and shit. and if i'm really angry and feeling rather pimpish then they will be a bunch of bitches, hoes and faggots with a bunch of adjectives and pronouns in front of that shit". so, if i'm not calling you a bunch of adjectives and pronouns followed by fool, trick, mark, bitch, hoe ass, sucka or chump, then you don't have shit to worry about. and if you DO decide to come out your neck with that dumbshit, just know that the verbal and PHYSICAL, if i know where you rest at or roll, onslaught is waiting.

now back to our regularly scheduled programming..