Tuesday, September 30, 2008


those who know me know that i'm a beat fanatic. sometimes i hit up Music City in Norfolk just to cop instrumental cd's so i can just hear the beats because i hate struggling to hear a dope beat with a wack nigga rapping over it *cough* DIPSET *COUGH*. so i'm deciding to showcase my favorite beats by some of my favorite producers. this week its 9th Wonder and these are some of my fav "NINFE" joints. next week......Premo.....


i stumbled across this track last this weekend after seeing it on a site about 2 weeks ago. now, after his lackluster efforts from Bad Boy, i was like "eehhh, i'll pass on this" but due to boredom on saturday, i decided to at LEAST play the track so i can get a good laugh and i was shocked.....this song is actually dope. i don't know what it is but i've played it about 30 times so far. i'm a big fan of songs that make me chill out and this joint puts a niggaz mind at ease. this joint makes me want to go blaze an "L", turn up the iPod and just walk for no reason. i guess he's one of those artists that does better once he "leaves" Puffs control i.e. The Lox and so forth but i'm honestly wanting to see what else this dude has to offer. with the state of this game, he can't bring anything worse than whats already here if you ask me.....

Monday, September 29, 2008


damn....i don't know what to say to Cowboy fans but....damn.

i know if "I" were gonna play the last game in a historical stadium, i would try my hardest to win. but thats just me. and damn....you lose, not to the Bengals, not the Seahawks but the REDSKINS!!! i mean, imagine had you all won your last game there. can you imagine the happy children and fans who could have said "hey, i was THERE when they won on that historic night.."? but naw, that won't happen. i bet there is a kid in a cancer ward who prayed to God saying "dear Lord, as my white blood cells are decreasing and i am clinging on to life, can you make sure that Tony Romo wins, not only the last game in this stadium, but also probably my last game on earth?"....now this kid is an athiest and smoking crack while IN the hospital. why? because he feels God has failed him. how does it feel to condemn a childs soul to hell Mr. Romo and Owens. and do you know why they are to blame? Because Dallas sucks. thats why. wanna know what happened in the Redskins locker room after that win?

i mean, you can't win EVERY game. i mean its not like the Redskins are your BIGGEST RIVALS who whooped ya ass in your last game in that stadium in front of millions of devoted fans or nothing. i'm glad nobody i know is a Cowboys fan......WAIT...I DO!!! damn Micah and E, hope you don't take this personal but......

i sure would hate to know how it feels to be you guys right now. hahaha. oh, and before you EVEN try to put the TEXANS into this, i'm not a Texans fan.....


hey Micah, i saw ya blog...

Friday, September 26, 2008


THIS is when you know that a dude lacks the warm embrace of vagina in his life. seriously. did you hear the "Bitch" come out of him at 0:58? it looked and sounded like dude "seeded" himself. the Penny 2 is probably my favorite shoe as well (going to Footlocker for the first time in my life and copping a pair tomorrow morning) but its not THAT damn serious. now, i know i probably won't wear them until next spring or summer so i can rock some shorts and show them off in all my "chicken legged" glory, but i'm not as excited as THIS negro. i will admit it was funny as hell when he got crunk on the "Vans Guy" and i DO respect the fact that dude is hyped about the shoe because he actually wanted it to wear and not to just because of the hype like 90% of the game today. Thanks alot for that Hypebeast....bitches. but damn dude, pull ya skirt down, fam. and its sad because i know do cats that actually spaz the fuck out like that over damn shoes. now i DID get buck as hell when the Penny Foams came into Commonwealth because it was a suprise, NOBODY in the 7 cities knew who was getting them, and as soon as Larry said "Did yall get the Foams in yet?", the Fedex dude came into the store and it was like a big ass suprise. but come on man, "i love these as much as i love Jesus, as much as i love God......and Kanye West"?! NIGGA PLEASE!!!


i used to play this track back in the store and seriously, Luda is one of the most creative rappers in the game from the Austin Powers track to this joint. i mean, damn, he DESTROYS the He-Man theme song for crying out loud. what other rapper could have done it? (and Tommy and E, if any of you mention Nas, i swear to the Most High, i will catch a Red Eye to VA and slap fire out both yall.)


MAAAAAAAN!!! This shirt brings back memories!!! aiight here is the story:

its around Fall 2005 in VA and Zack, Renato, and myself were holdin down the store and this girl comes in with a manilla colored envelope and she looks around the store and finally comes up to the desk is gives us the pacakage and says "Its Original David" and damn near bolts out the fuckin store. No name, no nothing. so we open the big envelope and inside is a shirt that looks like something i made back in kindergarten during arts and crafts time and a business card. no website, no line sheet, no label information. JUST THE DAMN SHIRT AND A CARD!!! so, in typical "the three of us are bored as hell, the store is slow and its cold outside so what are we gonna do for the next 10 minutes" fashion, WE WENT TO WORK ON THAT SHIT!!!LMAO!! we added muscles, a fake bape chain, ARMS, an ill fade with the Nas part goin through it and all that shit. i think Kit still has the original "piece of art" that was constructed by Zack, Nato and myself. and to be honest, it looked ALOT better after we got done with that shit.

well, it looks like the guys at Leaders in Chicago, got suckered into buyin that shit. hey, to each his own. but for them to say on their blog "we've been Original David carriers since the beginning and each time we're amazed" had me cryin. yeah, i'm amazed. AMAZED PEOPLE ARE BUYING THIS SHIT!! and then, on their bio, they have a disclaimer: Warning! Side effects include: Making a scene, Mild envy amongst friends, Heightened levels of self-importance. nigga, do you know how hard i laughed at that shit?!

but on a serious note people, we don't do this to EVERY line that people send to the store in hopes of making it "big", just those that go about it the wrong way with NO professionality (is that even a real fuckin word, if not, i'm making it one) and expect us to take them seriously. if you are trying to get your product into stores, stack your money and get a booth at Magic or any of the other fashion gatherings where you can have several people looking at your stuff rather than driving store to store saying "hey will you sell my stuff".

also, before you go around trying to start your own, make sure you have KNOWLEDGE of how its supposed to be done, not how you THINK it should. alot of people think that just because you have a hot idea for a shirt, its gonna make money. wrong. i'm not gonna name any names but there was one line that we used to sell and the guy had ALOT of people wanting his line but he didn't realize that he needed to have the stuff already made BEFORE he even got paid for it and thus, some of the clothes still had CHAMPS tags and stuff in them because he couldn't afford gettin shit done because he didn't expect all that. my advice: work for an actual label first, learn the "ins and outs" of it and THEN go from there. like i always say "you may open overnight, but you will close that afternoon". peace

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Throughout my life, i have been in and witnessed some of the craziest, unimaginable type of situations and heard some of the wildest shit to ever come out of peoples mouths in my 25 years on Earth. and today just solidified that shit. as i was going to pick up some food for work tonight, i stopped into a local hood spot to get my grub and bask in the "ghettoness" that makes up my city. here is some of the shit i heard today, in the same 30 minutes, that Larry David couldn't even have scripted:

Negro on the phone: "yeah, so i told shawty 'look bitch, when the this dick drops, the bullshit stops!"

"Suburban, Hip hop" youth: "man, Lil Wayne is the prime example of whats wrong with hip hop.".

"Super Urban" youth's response to "Suburban" youths comment: "nigga, you the prime example of a hatin' ass nigga! Get off that niggaz dick and get on ya job, cornball ass nigga!"

EXTREMELY ignorant negro on the phone: "yeah, i went and got her name tattooed on my arm, but that bitch don't realize she gettin dismissed at the end of the month".

7-8 year old black youth: "i want a girlfriend who will take care of me and give me money. thats why i'mma get me a white girl."

man....i love my life...


Blue and purple have always been my favorite colors but as i got older, red has grown on me. its a powerful color that stands out and says "look bitch, i'm in the fuckin place. recognize me". and i have had a fondness for red shoes lately and these are some of my favorite MAJORITY red sneakers (i know, i could have put more Jordan 1's, but thats a little cliche). if i could find a pair of Supreme Blazers in a 12-13, i'd drop the cash, no question. those were perfection.


This is one of my all time favorite advertisement series, i'm pissed somebody stole my dvd back in the day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This thread commemorates great moments of dudes gettin "snuffed", "snuck", "sucker punched", "caught slippin" or just straight up "gettin knocked the fuck out". this is dedicated to those individuals who are man enough to punch a nigga, but JUUUUST not man enough to do it straight up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i'm sorry but i spit out my Capri Sun both from shock and laughter at this shit. Bugs had ya boy disgusted and dying from laughter at the same time. *deducts 5 points from my African American Express* here is some more "Cartoon Coonery"....


Ya boy is back in full effect. man, this hurrican shit was and still is no joke. luckily, they have restored power to our area but we had a generator (one of only two families to have one....and both were black...smh) so we were able to make it through. i had been at work since Wednesday through Sunday night and that shit was INSANE!! i almost got killed by a caving in ceiling, one of our areas got destroyed by water and $6mil bucks of equipment got destroyed. but again, ya boy is aight and my family, and friends (old and new) are all alright, so thats good news. but throughout the whole ordeal, this song kept popping into mind.

and the next muthafucka that says i look like E-40 is gettin fucked up two times....no joke...

Thursday, September 11, 2008



anybody who knows me KNOWS i've been trippin about them not bringin back the white and red joints. when i first heard about the countdown pack and they said they were droppin the white and black 12's, i was crushed because i don't want those and i still have my crispy black patent leather joints. but now, i'm officially happy. E, hold that size 12 for me, fam. i'm not playin. hold my joints...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


alot of shit has been running through my mind about what topic to post about but after last night, this seemed the most fitting. why is it that guys freak out over being "just friends"? i mean seriously, is it that bad? why do cats refuse to just be "cool" wit a female? its like, if dude aint smashin or being the "main squeeze", they be like "fuck this shit, then!!"

last night i had the priveledge of attending a concert with one of the most physically perfect females i ever met in my life. shorty is super cool and crazy at the same time. but we are just FRIENDS, thats it. nothing more, nothing less. and while at the concert, she got pulled on stage and rocked out while me and my cuzzo got crunk in the crowd. while she was on stage, dudes were like "yo, your girl is bad, you a lucky dude" and i was like "that aint my girl fam, thats one of my potnaz. you wanna hollar, thats all you" and dude looked at me funny like "is this nigga serious?". then i realized, there are niggaz out there who would have done the exact opposite. there are niggaz who, even though they have NO chance in hell, they will block the hell out of anybody they see as a threat to attaining something they will never have. i've met dudes who will talk to a chick who have a boyfriend or fiance, and rather than just acceptin that "Friend" role, they will force that shit by hatin on the dude, questioning the shorty's decision and all that. honestly, thats disrespectful to the dude, especially if you don't even know son.

and my boys used to get on my case all the time for lettin dudes hollar at my female friends instead of me just dating them until i broke down a startling fact to em: the best referral is from a female. if a female co-signs you to another female, its like having a Black Card. its guaranteed. they know that i'm not a messed up dude and if i'm single at the time, they usually set me up with one of their friends. because i have just been "cool" with my female friends, i've been "referred" to alot of THEIR friends and so on. and on occasion, down the line, i ended up dating THAT female friend, but thats a rarity because . so, is being in the "Friend Zone" that bad? hell naw. i think what most dudes feel is that if you are in the friend zone, you're gonna be havin sleep overs and shit, watchin chick flicks or something. lol. i don't know how many times i've gotten to skip lines at a club JUST because i was with a bad female friend of mine. also, alot of females, not all, only want to talk to a dude if they see he's with a female. i've gotten numbers just because the girls thought they were doin something by taking me away from my "girl" not realising she's not my woman. i don't know, maybe alot of dudes are blinded by lack of patience and bullshit to realize the benefits of it. oh well.


(the track is called Gladiator, and if you look in front of P, you see me wit the backwards Clipse hat and my cousin in the red BBC joint. haha)

man, no words can describe the energy these two had together last night. as far as visuals, Glow In The Dark was the best concert, but as far as overall music, energy and so on, THIS shit won hands down. i see why the boy Lonnie looks like he's on HGH. dude was constantly running, jumping and all that shit during the entire show. i left out that joint sweaty as hell. good thing i had my grey Original Fake handkerchief from Commonwealth (plug plug). lol. but yeah, this nigga Common did about 4 new joints from his new album and performed one of, if not THE best, freestyles i have ever witnessed in my life. how do i know it was a freestyle? the nigga was rappin about shit niggaz in the front row, right next to me, were doing. this dude made me go back and listen to all my old Common joints. i also realised, you have to be in peak shape to fuck with this concert because i had to drink to Gatorades last night and chill out because my legs felt like i played 3 full court games back-to-back-to-back. when the tour comes to your spot, go to that shit.

also, if you DON'T know the words to any of the songs, DON'T TRY TO BUM RUSH YA ASS TO THE FUCKIN FRONT!!!! i had to strong arm hoes who were havin a nigga feelin like a fuckin sardine because they want to be all up close to the stage but didn't know a single Common or N.E.R.D lyric. keep ya boppin ass back.

and if you are wondering what "Frozen Ignorance" that nigga P had on his neck while with Common, it was this blue Kaws missile joint but all blue, white and black diamonds and in 3D.....shit was sick

EDIT: they just posted a pic of the chain...again, this is sick...

Monday, September 8, 2008


almost forgot the new Supreme shit dropped today and the site got overloaded and the server fucked up so i thought i was screwed. checked back 2 hours later and it was up and i saw this and had to get it. can't go wrong with a solid black and white joint.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Look at each item of these items and imagine how life would be had black men not invented them. and these aren't the only inventions, just ones i had time to post..."Pilgrims"(shout outs to Tommy), be glad that we DIDN'T "go back to Africa"......

Friday, September 5, 2008


I don't know what it is but GIFs crack me up. i don't know if its the randomness or what.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


this has to be the funniest shit i have seen all week.


this is my dude. i started messin with Murs about a year ago or so after hearin his song LA on a video game. after that i copped Murrays Revenge on iTunes and played it like crazy all last summer and even parts of this year. his new joint, while i wasn't a big fan of it at first, grew on me and its also a good cd for what it is. dude is probably one of the few consistent artist out that puts out dope, solid material (besides Jeezy, hate if you want). when the new album drops, i'm coppin it and if the tour comes to houston, i'm there. go on youtube and listen to some Murs if you have a chance and watch some of his interviews, dude is funny as hell.

Monday, September 1, 2008


OLD PEOPLE HAVING SEX -- i don't know what it is, but that shit freaks me out. at what age do you say "hey, its time for you to cut that shit out"? i mean, nature has it to where your stuff doesn't work anymore, then "Man" decides to make pills for the shit to start workin again. i mean, at somepoint you're gonna have to hang ya jersey up in the rafters and remember the stats you put up in your heyday. you don't want to make a "come back" like Jordan did with the Wizards, out of shape and then embarrass yourself. you wanna go out on top, not go out and have a heart attack from tryin to bust off one last "shot".

EXTREMELY FINE WOMEN BLOWING UP THE BATHROOM -- we all know that its human nature that you have to go to the bathroom, but some things should just be left to the imagination. in my mind, girls don't take dumps, let alone "put in work" in them muthafuckas. in my mind, the most a girl can do is "poot" and the booty hole is just for decoration. i mean, can you imagine Beyonce, Halle Berry, or Michelle Obama on the toilet, after eating some Popeyes, sweatin like a slave while taking a "growler"? no. but i'm sure they do it. i remember i was living with this VERY attractive female, who shall remain nameless, before i moved back to Houston and one day i had just killed a bottle of Gatorade and i had to go relieve myself but she was in there. so i waited until she was done and ran into the bathroom only to find that the climate in the bathroom was like a hot August day in Botswana in that bitch. i couldn't look at shorty the same way anymore. whenever i saw her, i thought of global warming and the melting of polar ice caps. i don't know, call me immature but that shit just weirds me out.

EXTREMELY OBESE COUPLES HAVING SEX -- whenever i see two big ass people together, especially with a kid, i just think "how in the hell is that physically possible"? for those who know me, yall know i have a VERY vivid imagination, so when ever i think of two ginormous people doin the nasty, i think of Godzilla fighting some gigantic, unrealistic creature while destroying the city and landscape around it. then i think "what kind of bed do those people have that can take such abuse"? i remember there was this customer that used to come through the shop with his girl and these were two "tons of fun" individuals and (due to that imagination of mine) i used to laugh inside thinking about their big clumsy asses tryin to "get to business". i mean seriously, if you could see the shit i think about, you would die of laughter.

MAN LAW....#1...

Unless you're spreading the news about the birth of your newborn child with tears of joy, received the news about a death of a loved one, received "postive test results", won the lottery or an NBA Championship....there is no excuse for you to be crying on the phone to another man.....PERIOD.


MAAAAANN!! i used to seriously fuck with the above joints. what happened? even my mom was like "what happened to Purplesaurus Rex?". and SURGE!?! maaaan, i damn near bought stock in that shit as a youngsta as much as i drank that shit. yo, if anyone from the above corporations just so happen to look at this blog....BRING ALL THIS SHIT BACK!!! FUCK the Marty McFly nikes (not really, bring those out too).