Monday, June 9, 2008


WTF is THIS!? Crooks n Tassels? niggaz need to start gettin original, for real. just because it worked for the Crooks crew, don't piggy back off another dudes steez. i mean the concept is kinda dope, but if thats not what your line is really about, why bite? to make a quick buck? sure you may eat now, but you will starve later ( a Clumsy Scholar jewel was just dropped, pay attention). thats the problem with the game nowadays. dudes think you can just start a line and get crackin, not knowin that the styles you see now were thought of 2-3 years ago. copying another dudes stuff will leave you behind in the game, being left to play "catch up" and will also show your wackness and leave you with alot less credibility. look at that famous "sound effect sounding" brand thats out there right now (not a sneak diss, just stating facts. you know who you are). eat off your own plate from your own recipe because when you make your living off of biting and there is nothing left to bite, what will you chew then?

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micAh! said...

crooks n tassels.. LMAO