Thursday, March 5, 2009


so i was going through my phone, and uploading pics and i found this joint that i took at Target while i was copping "Lil Man" a Go Diego Go toy. you see that? i said TOY as in SINGULAR, meaning, ONE. THIS white guy come up in line behind me and grabs TWO dividers for some Cool Whip and some bullshit ass shit that he put on TOP of the Cool Whip. there was NO way in hell that his shit would get confused with mine. i HATE Cool Whip, whipped cream and anything that is similar to it so i would be VERY verbal if shorty would have tried to ring that shit up for me. Second, there was nothing that he was purchasing that would have made me wanna go "damn, thats the last joint they have in stock. i'm bout to sneak theif this dude and come up like a fat rat". but he REALLY felt the need to double barricade his shit. it was fuckin COOL WHIP, SON!!! this nigga set up a Brinks home security joint just for some fuckin whipped topping, yo. and look at how much space is between my stuff, his "fortress of fun" and the person behind him. its almost the SAME amount of distance. NOBODY WANTS YOUR STUFF, PLAYBOY!! and THEN, you can see from his hands he was pointing to his shit and letting the cashier KNOW that was HIS stuff. NO SHIT, Sherlock, you got your shit like Fort Knox, bruh. you should have seen the "side eye" and "slant mouth" face i gave this dude. the cashier looked and just shook her head and giggled to herself. come people, its not that damn serious.

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