Thursday, July 31, 2008


For some of us, school is about to start and that means the summer is close to an end. the summer of 2008 has been an interesting one, for real. you have a "black" man getting closer and closer to changing, not only this country, but the world as we know it. you've had OG's in the game beefin with the New Kids On The Block with hilarious results. we've had "hardcore" niggaz cryin on the phone while niggaz were taping the convo like the FEDS. we witnessed an actor's "blaze of glory" in Dark Knight as he played the Joker to perfection, shutting the villain game down. we've seen niggaz "do it BIG" by gettin smaller cars and not giving a fuck like we're back in the high school days of not caring what you drive as long as you got 4 sets of wheels. we've witnessed the most spectacular concert in a while (the Glow In The Dark Tour). we've seen some of the best shoes in history come out for encores this summer with more on the way. we've seen one of, if not, THE hardest working players in the NBA FINALLY win a championship ring. and recently, we've seen the rap game become a black WWE with niggaz portraying roles instead of keeping it real. and since the summer isn't officially over, who knows what else may happen before it ends.

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