Thursday, July 31, 2008


Throughout my life, i've had alot of events that have happened in my life where i was like "damn, if only i got a chance to tell this person how i felt or how i fell". I guess as a youngin and a dude at that, you feel weird about tellin ya boys, fellas, peeps, dunnies, dawgs, homies (or whateva niggaz are callin themselves nowadays) how you feel about them or how much you appreciate them. i left VA so quickly that i never REALLY got to express how i felt to people. SO... wit that in mind:

Big E aka Eazy ( -- man, i remember the first time i saw you fam, i wanted to bust out laughin. lol. between them "Celie, Color Purple" cornrows and the extra medium clothes, you were a funny lookin ass, Cornelius from Planet of the Apes lookin dude. but once i got to know you and hang out wit you, i saw you as a real ass dude, fam. that's the main reason i kept pushin for you to come to the store and take my spot. real talk, fam, even though you are a couple months younger than me, you always inspired me to step my game up. big ups.

Jus ( -- i remember tryin to get you to join the crew and you were like "naw, man i'm good over here at Up Against The Wall" and no matter how many times i tried to get you to come over, you weren't havin it. but the minute LARRY asked you, you came over. lmao. but its all good. i'm just mad we never got to work together that much to have some of the wild adventures that i've had there but you are still "Fam". keep grindin, fam. you'll be a rep soon enough.

Tommy ( -- dude you are a character, fam. lol. we had a rift for a hot second because of some actual "He Say, She Say", but you are still cool wit me, fam. i just feel kinda messed up because i never got to personally squash it with you in person. but its all love, fam. keep postin shit to make me laugh at work.

Scott -- even though you were the butt of most of my jokes at the store, you were/still are like a little brother to me, man. sometimes you can be a "swag snatcha", but its all good, i do it too. lol. keep grindin and doin ya movie thing and work hard on ya singin.

The Warehouse Crew (Jay, Bryan, Walt, and Daryl) -- yall were the oddest, most normal muthafuckas i ever kicked it with. lol. even with that "DC situation" yall are still my brothers and i wish we had that moment on camera, that shit would have made some good Reality TV material. Bryan, stay cool and tell Juanita if she doesn't try out for America's Next Top Model, i will personally come up and drop kick her myself. Jay....keep being you, your nephews are lucky to have a dope ass uncle like you, fam. easy and keep the energy up. Daryl....the only big dude i know that can skate. lol. congratulations on takin that big step man. hold it down and keep it gangsta.

Will -- "Black Man #2" lol. man, i wish you had worked more so i could have said Peace, but you know what it is, fam. keep it gutta and stop rippin ya pants.

Renato and Zack -- if it wasn't for yall lettin me chillin the store while Larry was out of town and bringin me into the crew, i wouldn't be where i am today. we've had issues, but what crew doesn't. it was all out of love, fam. if it wasn't for yall, Larry and Jay, i would still be wearin Girbauds (shudders...). lmao

Larry and Omar -- no words can express the thanx i have for yall. so on that note, i salute yall. thanx.

Louise -- even though you were younger (and shorter) than me, you were always like my big sister. we argued sometimes, laughed alot and talked all the time. you have no idea how thankful i was for those Koala Yummies and those apples from that chocolate store. i owe you TOO much for that. thanks lil homey.

Virginia aka Lisa Turtle -- man, i don't know what to say.....seriously. just playin. you were like my little sister which is why i was so hard on you in the beginning, i didn't want to see you fail because you don't see to many black girls in our line of work selling what we sell to our customers. but after we had that sit down and i explained everything, it was all good. keep holdin it down.

The hundres of customers who came through and just wanted to chill wit ya boy and took my advice when it came to coppin stuff and helped me become the best seller in the crew.....i would be what i am with out yall. thanx.

As much as i hated VA at times, it was yall that helped me through it. i am blessed to have met all yall, and thats from the heart. I was alone out there but yall were like family and yall held me down. so when i say "fam", thats exactly what yall, which is alot more than being a friend. real talk, i love all yall and i mean that.


Big Lex aka The Clumsy Scholar aka Lex Duckets aka Ya Momma's Favorite Fill In The Blank


Scenario said...

"Drama King" ass....jk...that means alot homie...anytime you need anything don't hesitate to ask

Tommy said...

hey man I salute you my nig appreciate ya, I don't do shit but keep it straight it forward I found it comical niggas was sayin I was scared to show up and see you I saw it like what I can't go to the 'wealth and see Lex cuz of what you red noses were sayin HA! But as I got the chance to stop through we handled that shit accordingly like kings do so.......anywho appreciate the support god I'll try tto continue to bring the humor to issues niggas got in this world.....hold ya head (whoa!) down there and this Ypung Jeezy line always sums up everything "minus the bulshit lifes great" sorry for the p'graph but stay safe king peace!

DAY-O said...

HaHaHa! Angry Will gives you a major salute. Takes a big homie to show that much respect. OH yea, and those jeans were cheap as hell, u would never see that happen to my prps or edwins. shwizz.