Friday, May 22, 2009


Damn, son. Where are the Chaos Emeralds at when you need them shits? i don't even think Tails could help that nigga out. That bitch looked like Knuckles too. aight, enough with the Sonic related jokes, this nigga got snuffed AND had the nerve to put that shit online so its open season on this clown. and is that a fuckin Mewtwo Pokemon on that nigga wrist?!?! you know what, she NEEDED to "BIP" that nigga just off that shit.

knocked the RINGS outta that nigga. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Gem said...

You know what Lex? I wasn't even going to give this post any time because it's been posted everywhere today.

But chaos emeralds?! MEWTWO?!

I can't. I cannot. I shan't. *collapsed*