Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As a black male in America, i've encountered alot of shit in 26 years of life. But if its one thing that i seem to encounter more than anything is "Bitch Ass Niggaz". I be like "why is there so much bitchassness in the world?"....then it hit me...it's hereditary.

Alot of people look at Kanye West and say "man, that nigga is always cryin like a BITCH" or "man he is always actin like a BITCH" and the same goes for alot of niggaz in rap and in regular life. But further analysis shows one common factor....9 out of 10 niggaz who act like "Bitches" are raised by their mothers only. alot of females might get mad and say "nigga, i have raised my son to be a responsible person because that is what a man is" which is true BUT you can't teach a boy how to ACT like a man and have male MANNERISMS. i chopped it up with my boy Eli and he concluded the same thing. As children, we often immitate those around us in authoritative positions. A man raised by his father is pretty rational and mild mannered because a man is normally quick to think and slow to anger. But a "bitch nigga" is the product of a single female 9 out of 10 times because a female is an emotion based creature who is the total opposite of man meaning she is quick to anger and slow to think out the situation. This explains why bitch ass niggaz have a tendency to "snap off", "act a damn fool", get loud and call people out because that is how he may see his mother handle HER frustations. now, don't be like "Nigga you being sexist" because i will admit that i DO have traces of bitchassness in me, but i acknowledge it and have done things about it.

My mother was 15 and a half when she had me and while i had older males in my family, i was mostly raised around females. when they got upset, they yelled, wore their emotions on their sleeves and so forth. and since i never really saw dudes in my family get in altercations, i only knew how to handle them the way females in my family did and as i got older and hung around dudes who had "old school" fathers, they schooled me on the ways of conductin myself like a "real nigga". and that is also the problem, we have too many bitch niggaz raising "Bitch Nigga,Jrs" nowadays that its like the blind leading the blind. Real men come around every blue moon, but bitch niggaz come by the bunches. For instance, look at older rap beefs compared to current rap beefs. Back in the day if you had a lyrical beef with a dude, you said your peace, stayed on subject and it was left at that and the loser recognized the winner and was humble about it. NOW, niggaz all on youtube airing niggaz personal shit out that don't even have to do with the beef at hand. And that comes from being raised by young mothers who get emotional and don't know how to properly address a situation without getting emotional. which brings me to something else: If you let your emotions control your actions and some gets control of your emotions, you have given that person power over you. And that is why alot of rappers get in so much trouble because they let a nigga get under their skin and now they got them niggaz on strings like Pinocchio.

So in closing, there is a cure for this shit and its this: real men, get involved with the youngins and show them how to ACT like a man and carry themselves like a man. and finally, don't let simple shit get under your skin. its okay to have emotions because that is what separates us from robots, but don't broadcast them and wear them on your sleeve.


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