Thursday, July 23, 2009


People in my family ALWAYS joke around and laugh at people who "claim" certain ethnicities like "oh, my Great grandmother on my cousins side was Cherokee" knowing good and hell well that aint the case. My Great Great Grandmother was full blooded Sioux and she died about a year or 2 after i was born, so my shit is actually traceable yet we don't go around claiming to be "part native american", we are just black. Her husband was half black and half white making my Great Grand Father a "quarter" black, but if you asked him what race he was he would tell you without blinking "BLACK". and he reasoning was, even though he laughed when it was kinda sad was, "i was treated like a nigger so much growing up and was identified as one all the time, there was no question whose side i belonged to". this was a man whose entire side of his family looked white as hell, but they would be kinte clothed DOWN and borderline militant about their "blackness". now i DO feel that the whole "choose your race" shit on tests needs to stop because biracial kids already have an identity crisis without you trying to force them to choose who they belong to.

When i was in the military, i encountered 2 females that i knew: Tasha and Anaris. both had black fathers and white mothers. Tasha identified herself as being black. she didn't discard her white side or shame it, she just said "i'm black". But Anaris on the other hand hated ALL things that were black. I had a white friend tell her "my boy Cater(we go by last names in the military) thinks you're hot and wants to talk to you". but when she saw i was black, she dissed the hell out of me. my boy Cleary was like "damn, my bad. when she heard me say my FRIEND, she must've thought i meant a white friend" and that was the actual problem. she hated her black side so much that when i looked her up on myspace, she married a white guy and her race was listed as "white" even though you KNEW and could SEE there was a little "dirt" in her. and i was like "damn, do you have THAT much self hatred that you are willing to eradicate an entire bloodline just because of your features?"

Eric and Justin, what are yall thoughts on being "double agents"? lol.

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