Sunday, August 17, 2008


Life, as we know it, deals us ALOT of bullshit and unexpected situations that we don't feel like dealin with. but the thing is: do you let that shit fuck up your day or do you brush that shit off and use it as motivation to keep on "doin you"? you have optimistic people, pesamistic people, and "realists" as i call myself. some people like to use that "Glass of water" example, you know, is the glass half full or half empty. me, being the nigga i am, i see shit for what it is: a half glass of water and a half glass of water is better than none at all. all i know is when i'm thirsty, that half glass of water quenches my thirst better than nothin and will hold me down when the temperature rises. thats how i look at shit. we all have "glasses of water" in our lives, whether it be family, friends, and so on that we love but can't stand sometimes, but they are always there and its better for somebody to have your back and argue with later, then have nobody at all. so whether that "glass" is half full or half empty, just be glad its there when you need it when shit gets hot.




DAY-O said...

I did a "Just read" joint, but listen and read is much better. The first time with the Roy Ayers backdrop was dope. It made me want to redo my whole shit, but thats what biters do. that aint me. good words homie. chuch

CaNdYaNdY said...

well said dude...i needed to read that

Tommy said...

god i've been lookin for this shit since i heard it on Class Act

LEX$ said...

TOMMY, it was House Party 2, not Class Act. thats what made me make the post, they had the House Party trilogy on HBO and that shit just hit me and i had inspiration for a post just like that.