Thursday, August 14, 2008


as a token of appreciation, i've decided to start my "Homey of the Week" posts. This goes out to those who go above and beyond "associate-ism" and are moving closer up to the ranks for "Friend" and finally "Fam" during the span of 7 days. But this doesn't mean "Fam n Friends" can't be a "Homey". This weeks "HOTW" is none other than the big homey Candice (peep her blog, Legal Couture, on the right). This week, you not only put me onto that other Santogold joint that is stuck in my head on repeat but you also hit me up about the Common/N.E.R.D tour all in the same day. you go girl. lol. you also have terms like " and Crunk City" stuck in my head now. You've been keepin real and keepin it gangsta all the time, buckin on dudes in the club and reppin "The H" to the fullest. so congrats on being the "Homey of the Week". this song goes out to you buddy.

you KNOW this song fits you. lmao.

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CaNdYaNdY said...

Yessir! *takes a bow and cocks pink glock*...Thanks dude.