Monday, August 18, 2008


man, i decided to do bad today and get a Chipotle burrito bowl wit chicken, hooked the fuck up and some chips for work tonight. i got half way through it when we had a patient coming in, so i had to put that joint up and get to work. after about 15 minutes, in the words of that dude Winnie The Pooh, i had a "Rumbly in my Tumbly". i ignored it for another 5 minutes and i guess my bowels decided to say "THIS nigga think we playin.." and thats when i had that walk that jamie did in this joint. i had to "Usain Bolt" out the unit because i knew i was gonna be puttin in some serious work and i didn't want ANYBODY i worked with to know by me going to the bathroom in the unit. as much as i liked Chipotle, i think i'm gonna have to put that place on hold.

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