Tuesday, August 12, 2008



There is something about this name that cracks me the fuck up. when i hear it, it just gives ya boy the giggles. i mean, why would you name your child that? you can't even curse out a person with that name without somebody, if not you, wanting to laugh. its like "What!?! maaan.....fuck you...REGINALD!!!" and then when you shorten it to REGGIE, its no better. Reggie seems like its short for "Regular Nigga", which to point, you are if your name is Reginald/Reggie. Seriously, i looked up my name, Alex, and the book said the name Alexander means "protector of mankind" and if you shorten it, its still "protector" at least. When you shorten Reginald/Reggie, you get Reg, and when i go some where and see Reg, thats usually short for Regular. Look at Reggie Miller. That dude had the coldest jumper in the league at that time but couldn't get to the finals. WHY? Because that niggas name was REGGIE. He was predestined to be a "regular" dude. You can't even go up to a girl and tell her thats your name. just imagine: "hey, how you doin? my name is Reginald...". Shorty is gonna diss the hell out of you, fam. Girl A: "girl, that dude over there just tried to hollar at me sayin his name was Reginald". Girl B: "shiiiit, you were better off talkin to that nigga Ronald". Please, people, think before naming your child.

Next Weeks Name...........CHAUNCEY....its a damn shame people still name their children this shit....


micAh! said...

Chauncey reminds me of Menace II Society.. ol' faggot ass Chauncey!

CaNdYaNdY said...

I have a cousin named Reginald, but we all call him "Gooch"...I dunno what's worse...and I do know a Shauncey...but we call him "Shaun-so"...*shakes head*