Sunday, November 23, 2008


that shit said "CLONK"!!! lmao. i've watched this joint about 20 times.


i have this dvd and i've watched this shit over 100 times. dude got ROCKED!!....PS..why did you LET them do that "foul ass shit" to your "bitch" up in the room that night?

OOOOH SHIT!! son got "Malvo'd" lol. that little kid caught a head shot from hell. lmao!!

i'm sorry but other peoples kids gettin hurt doin dumb shit is hilarious to me...then theres the fact that the dude said "LOL" and "ROFL" in real life. i know good and hell well that if i did that shit on my bike and cried like a bitch like this youth, the FIRST thing out the mouth of my guardian at the time would be "You weren't cryin when you were doin that silly ass, Evil Kinevil shit, now were you?"...

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DAY-O said...

HEAD SHOT! gaaaadaym! that shit was piercing. good call.