Saturday, November 29, 2008


Have you ever had "feelings"? not the emotional "oh i love you" type, but that "feeling"? Women call it "intuition", Peter Parker calls that shit "Spidey Sense". i just call it that "feeling". last night while i was at work, i had gotten a call from a number that i didn't recognize and i did the usual "i'm not answerin this shit, if its important, they'll leave a message" move. during my break, i decided to check my messages and it was the big homie Will (Spoiled or Rotten, check it on the right) and it was his number that had called and there was something in his voice that wasn't what i hear as "normal" and the first thing that i thought was "i have a FEELING that he wants to hollar at me about something" and not the usual "yo, wuttup? how you been?" convo. and i was right.

We chopped it up for what seemed like forever about alot of shit that needed to be said, which is good seeing how alot of calls i get are shit like "whats up nigga? nuthin, just chillin" type of shit. but the main thing was that this blogging shit is powerful. i started this back in 2007 out of fun and boredom and now i have people tellin me they're following my shit on the regular, they look forward to certain segments and that their friends read my shit. for so long i used to get pissed that nobody would listen to me or take me serious because of how i spoke, where i was from, how i looked and so forth. this shit lets me show people the other sides of me. my boy Kahn saw my blog for the first time last week and he was like "man, i was shocked. i EXPECTED to see nothing but shoes and shit, but you are talkin about alot of other shit". and like the song above, Rasa's "When Will The Day Come", i used to wonder when will they day come that people will listen to what the fuck i have to say. and it seems like that day is now. for all of you people with blogs of your own, people read your shit so make sure that what you say is from you and not just a "copy and paste" spot. while its cool to relay certain info, make sure that alot of what you post is from yourself even if that means you gotta say shit that may piss people off. fuck it. don't be afraid to choose blue when everybody is choosing red. for all of you asking "when will the day come.." for whatever is happening in your life, its coming. just be patient and be yourself.