Thursday, November 27, 2008


so i'm here at work, destroyin this baked apple oatmeal (shit is the truth), checkin youtube as usual when i see a comment somebody made under a T-Pain and Lil Wayne video and this is what was said:

"MAN, them two niggaz is gay as hell. they always talkin about females and shit....."

ummmmm.....what the fuck? the only time GAY and FEMALES should be used in the same sentence is if we are talkin about lesbians. for reason in todays society, youngsters or "Thundercats" as i call them, now think its gay for a GUY to be about FEMALES?! i blame Wayne for that shit. and with good reason. my cousin went to New Orleans because a relative was getting married on Halloween and Curren$y was one of the Best Men in the wedding. the night before the "Big Day", they were choppin it up about shit and somehow the convo switched to Wayne. Curren$y dropped the bomb by saying that Wayne is VERY suspect and basically a gay nigga because all he wants to do is be around niggaz and more niggaz. NOW, there is nothing wrong with hangin with ya potnaz. sometimes i like to roll with my "negro amigos" but we usually do so while in the pursuit of the female gender. Curren$y was sayin that these dudes don't like being AROUND females. and all this shit started making me think about the episode of The Boondocks where everybody was down with Gangstalicous and his EXTREMELY "Prop 8" clothing line until they "found out" he was gay. up until then, they were cool with it. for those who aren't familiar with the episode, here are some snippets:

i mean seriously people. what the FUCK is goin on in the world today. its like the line between being a Thug and Gay is REALLY starting to not exist. i mean, 10 years ago, if you a big group of niggaz together, they'd probably kick your ass. now if you see a group of niggaz together, they probably FUCK your ass. and these gay dudes are gettin younger and younger. i was gettin a hair cut the other day, and i'm seein niggaz in their early teens, all gay and shit, walkin in packs. i'm like "damn, have yall niggaz even HAD pussy before"? i mean, you can't say you don't like it if you never had it, youngins. i think i may start writing a Dr. Seuss style book called "Green Eggs and Pussy" for the younger generation to try to halt this shit. the story will be about Sam-I-Am tryin to give a little gay dude a female with some green eggs on a plate n shit, and they will say shit like "I will not like them with a fox, i will not eat this womens box. i do not like green eggs and pussy, Sam-I-Am stop trying to push me". and then by the end, the guy gets the draws and breakfast and likes both. the end.

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