Sunday, November 30, 2008


In my 25 years on Earth, i've done alot, seen alot and heard alot. and from all the shit i've gone through, i've basically been able to compare a niggaz lifestyle to his front lawn. i used to hate cutting the grass when i was a shorty, but later in life i learned that your yard is a reflection of the owner. if the grass looks wild and out of control, then that means the owner doesn't give a fuck. but if the shit is cut and neat looking all the time, then that means the owner cares about his shit and knows that its a reflection of himself. if your grass is high as hell, you don't know what type of shit you can step in and stumble over. also, snakes LOVE tall grass because you can't see them shits until its too late.

alot of niggaz need to carry themselves like they do their lawns. and not just on appearance but your attitude. your appearance and attitude are like the yard, they reflect those who take care of you and how you take care of yourself. people with these big egos and fucked up attitudes can't see when they are about to step in some shit because they are blinded by that tall grass so they have to tread carefully. a nigga who live his life low key and keeps his shit tight can see the bullshit from a mile away. and a level headed, low key cat keeps the snakes away. you ever see a snake in low grass? naw because snakes survive by being able to sneak around and they hate gettin exposed. you take away a bitch niggaz option to sneak up on you, then you can't get bit. but if your head is so high up in the clouds that you can't see shit thats right in front of you, then you cant get mad if you get bit. thats in a bitch niggaz nature.

Cut ya grass, folks.

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