Thursday, February 12, 2009


i remember it was the summer of 1994 and i was 11 and in Miami visiting my father and my younger brothers. i was babysitting that afternoon and was watchin' Rap City as usual when all of sudden i heard this song and i was glued to the tv. i was like "WOOOOOOOW, this beat is TIGHT!" and then i saw the drawings. now, i was no stranger to graffiti because when i was younger, my great grand parents had an attic that they used to let all the kids tag on and there were tags from as far back as the 70's on those walls. but this joint rekindled that shit in me and i remember after the video was over, i ran and grabbed my sketch pad and started drawing like Isaac on "Heroes", i just zoned the fuck out and was creatin just insane shit. and for those that don't realize, this was the SAME summer that Outkast, Bone Thugs and Biggie ALL came out so that whole summer changed my life. add to the fact that my father was STILL blastin the hell outta Doggystyle, which my mom was NOT EVEN lettin me listen to.

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