Thursday, February 5, 2009

"NIGGAZ..........COMIN'!!!!!" ----RILEY FREEMAN

During my time in VA, i noticed a few things but the one thing that always seems certain is that if the Clipse are coming, so are "niggaz". and when i say "niggaz" i don't mean like black people, i mean "IGNORANT, hood niggaz". and with "niggaz" comes unnecessary bullshit and since there are ALOT of "niggaz" in VA, there is ALOT of unncessary bullshit. here are some examples

DATE: July 4, 2005
LOCATION: The Beach House in VaBeach
EVENT: Cream x Clipse 4th of July Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, Famlay, Mike Vick, AI, hoochies.......and niggaz
WHAT HAPPENED: Niggaz acted a damn fool, got the joint shut down so that other people couldn't get in and the cops on horses had to come out, therefore fuckin it up for everybody.

DATE: July 4, 2006
LOCATION: Ocean Breeze Water Park in VaBeach
EVENT: Clipse Pool Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, boppers and the ever present.....niggaz
WHAT HAPPENED: Since most niggaz can't swim and were too busy tryin to be fly, what else is there left to do but start shit? so yeah, niggaz started shit and shit got shut down.....again.

DATE: August of 2006
LOCATION: Premiere in Norfolk
EVENT: In My Mind Album Release Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Pharrell, Clipse, Famlay, DJ No Dout, DJ Joe Stick, DJ Bee, Ab Liva, boppers, hoes, groupies, clones guessed it.....NIGGAZ!!
WHAT HAPPENED: Niggaz blocked the street HOURS before P even showed up, niggaz started fighting BEFORE the party even started, we had to be brought in through the back by the owner, and niggaz started MORE shit when they got inside.

DATE: End of March 2007
LOCATION: Premiere in Norfolk
EVENT: Geezy's Birthday (Clipse Manager)
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse, 8ball, MJG, Famlay and niggaz to the 12th power

DATE: January 30, 2009
LOCATION: AMF Chesapeak Lanes in Chesapeake, VA
EVENT: Clipse Bowling Party
IN ATTENDENCE: Clipse......and do i even need to say it?
WHAT HAPPENED: According to Micah, shit was cool (like always. there is always an eerie calm before a "Nigga Moment") and then niggaz remembered what they what there for and started fuckin up shit and brawlin.

Now, there are several things i've noticed about these situations.

1) When Commonwealth hosts events by themselves, shit NEVER goes down because there are enough "others" to off set "niggaz".

2) There are always females in the equation but "niggaz" will rather run up on each other than on some female booty.

3) Usually after the "Nigga Moment" has transpired, the venue is usually shut down or at least shut down as far as "no niggaz allowed". Niggaz are worse than hurricanes.

4) Niggaz comin to a party are like those creatures in "I Am Legend". you WANT to help them, but they just want to fuck shit up. why? nobody knows but it usually always ends in destruction.

And now there is another party about to go down pretty soon. Please, niggaz if you are reading this (which i doubt because "niggaz" don't read)...PLEASE don't fuck this up....

Is it safe to say that its down right SAD when you're suprised when shit DOESN'T go down after parties?......


Scenario said...

I see it now Clipse Golf Tourney...only to be shut down when niggas start smoking trees on the green, whippin the golf carts...and using the clubs as well clubs...I seen a nigga use a bowling ball as a weapon hahahaha now thats some nigga shit right there...

micAh! said...

yeah when I saw that shit me and E damn near backed up so far from the ruckas we was a foot away from steppin' on the lanes..