Thursday, February 26, 2009


My boy Rob and his homegirl are throwin an 80's party in April and i was like thats wassup. i already own several pairs of Cazals, a gucci link, a dookie rope, a two finger ring, bucket hat and a Fila joggin suit. but i was like "naw, i need to do something to really DO IT at the party", so i was jammin some old school Rakim (Paid in Full to be exacty) and i was like "thats it, i'm gonna get a Dapper Dan like jump off made for the party". yeah yeah, i know the shit is gonna be fake, but its a fuckin costume, so i don't give a fuck. but now i have to go to my tailor and show him images on what i want now and i might do something like the joints above (without the 7% shit on it though). if i decide to do it, i'll post pics of it. peace.

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