Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Man, the O'Jays aint never lied about that shit. dudes AND females will smile all up in your face with the quickness but will shank the shit outta you the minute you turn your back and it makes you assess your situation alot closely. But in life, you gotta make mistakes and learn from them. Like the old saying goes "Everybody has a plan until they get hit". well, The Scholar got "sniped". i got into an argument with another person recently and come to find out the person who i THOUGHT i was cool with was sayin alot of bogus shit behind my back, all the while, smiling in a niggaz face. and it was fucked up because the whole time i thought i had this persons card pulled and they thought the same about me when the person controlling the entire deck was the person we BOTH were "cool" with. and this is the same person i tried to look out for and help out the best i could with shit. and its fucked up because i kinda saw it inside this individual, but at the same time i couldn't see it. and so now, this is forcing me to look at people like this person in an even worse way and i hate having to "punish" others for shit that other people do, but i gotta look out for "Numero Uno" at the same time. so to the person i got crunk with, i know you read my blog from time to time and i apologize kinfolk because had your homeboy not filled me in to WHO it was, it would have gotten ALOT worse on both ends. here i am laughin at Lisa Raye ass and from the looks of it, I ended up gettin played for a sucka. damn......thats life, tho.


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Gem said...

That sucks! Anybody I know? I almost had to quit this post on account of you putting you had been "sniped".

Also I'm nosy so I want more details.

Don't punish others for that person's stankness; just be careful.