Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Because of politics, i had to go elsewhere to cop the Yeezys this past weekend. and it was crazy because to my suprise, i got in line at 10pm on Friday night and i was only the 19th person in line. so while i'm out there, i notice this one Mexican guy who was talkin about the shoes and tryin to sell me his spot in line (he was the person in FRONT of me, wtf). this herb claimed to be a "shoe head" but the dude kept pronouncing the "McFlys" as "McFlyers" and didn't even know the significance of the shoe. THEN the nigga couldn't even pronounce Foamposite and he got shitted on by this white girl who was in line reading Eclipse (the third book in the Twilight series). THIS muthafucka tried to sell his spot in line for $650. had he known his shit, he would have known that was too much for a SPOT in line for this shoe. nobody is droppin a total of $850 for the Yeezys. then FOX News came by twice to interview people throughout the night and one nigga caught a severe "Sniper" and busted his ass on camera tryin to stunt. another nigga tried to high sign and hold his new Yeezy sneaker out the window, only to drop it and almost run over it. and that cornball in front of me DID get the last pair of Yeezys, but he couldn't do shit with it, not even flip them for what he wanted. HERB!! also, my lil nigga Kareem who i practically raised in high school was the first dude in line and he said he's gonna hold down some spots for me for the black joints, so ya boy is "in there like swim wear".

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