Monday, April 13, 2009


After almost 20 albums (literally), my nigga FINALLY got a video on MTV, and not only that, but its the Jam Of The Week. dude RUNS Houston. even Pusha T gave him the co-sign. i just hope he finally gets his success because one more strike and that nigga is seeing LIFE and i'm not talkin the movie. i fuck with ALOT of Z-Ro's stuff (the nigga reps Mo City so i gotta support). Plus, he's the ONLY guy who has gone at 50 Cent and 50 backed down (the track "Snitch Niggaz" ft. Scarface). here are a few of my favorite Ro songs.

The Rain ft. Trae

That's Who I Am

I Hate You Bitch

I Found Me

(when people started acting phony around me, THIS track was on REPEAT)


Tommy said...

No bullshit this Ns been grindin for a min

micAh! said...

Started fuckin' w/ Ro after I heard that "Mo City Don Freestyle" how he kept going for so long is still impressive.