Monday, April 13, 2009


DSR (Dirty South Ridaz) - Throwback Freestyle

I remember i had copped the Boss Hogg Outlawz All Freestyles Vol. 1 cd back in the Summer of 2002 and this was on there. it was their first song ever and i was like "Who are these niggaz? they are CRUNK as hell on here! that Fat Bastard nigga sound 'juicy mouthed-ed'!". Fabolous didn't even have his Throwback song until a year later but i used to play this on base ALL the time (the entire CD went so damn hard, ESPECIALLY the "Gridin" Freestyle with Slim Thug and Paul Wall). man, i miss the days when Texas niggaz used to say the most RETARDED shit in a freestyle but the shit would be so crunk at the same time. aaaahh memories. these niggaz even made songs about Iceberg shirts and what they were watching on their screens. insanity.



when that nigga said "Lets get dangerous, watchin Darkwing Duck"....i lost it.

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micAh! said...

Dawg I we used to MURDER this shit back in the day! I first heard DSR on Choppin' Em' up 8 I think, It was a wrap from then..

fave throwback line:

"lookin' good never mistaken/hit the club in a throwback troy aikmen..."

fave screens line:
"I'ma baller these hoes be jockin'/waaahhhhh check me out watchin' Baller Blockin"


DSR was the crunkest and boardline retardest niggas on earth!