Monday, October 13, 2008


Man, that boy Dap can't scream that shit enough. this election has shown alot to me about the country that we live in and that i fought to "defend" (don't know how sendin me to Iraq helped defend america when the nigga responsible was in Afganistan but thats another story). people need to wake up and wipe the crust of ignorance out of their eyes because its got you blinded. this road to election has shown the REAL racial tension of this country. i would respect white people more if they just said "i'm not voting for Barack because he is black" because honestly, the excuses that are coming out their mouths are becoming extremely stupid.

America, WAKE UP!!! Muslims are not a RACE, its a RELIGION. and last i checked, we have "freedom of religion", or so we say. but from what i see, we have freedom of religion as long as its base is the Holy Bible i.e Catholisism, Christianity, Mormon, etc. People left their countries to come to america because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs and now we are doing it. what the fuck, america? come on...WAKE UP!!

America, WAKE UP!!! Not all Muslims are ARAB! Hakeem Olajuwan was Muslim and was hardcore about it. so hardcore that when it was Ramadan, he wouldn't sweat during practice because he couldn't take in food after sunrise. did white people fear him? no. was he arab? NO! Did you know that there are WHITE muslims, ASIAN muslims and so on? and do you know why? because its a RELIGION, not a race. Obamas father was AFRICAN, not ARAB and he was raised by a WHITE woman. but according to that country ass redneck bitch "he's arab" and "still has Muslim IN him". we are so caught in this fear that we it damn near resembles the Salem Witch Hunts. Muslims are now like Trans Fats, meaning, they have been around for thousands of years but white people didn't start worrying about them until 2 months ago. come on..WAKE UP!!

America, WAKE UP!!! Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims! Timothy McVeigh, the guy who bombed that building in Oklahoma. was he Muslim? NO, he was white. The Unibomber, was he Muslim? no, he was just a white man with a weird beard. The white guy who bombed the Atlanta Olympics? i just said it, he was WHITE. the guy who dumped nerve gas in those japanese subways, was he Muslim? no he was Japanese. Who are the ones bombing all those Abortion Clinics? WHITE PEOPLE!! but some how, Muslims are the only terrorists on this planet according to white america. look at The Crusades in history. they were wars that the CHRISTIANS waged against all other religions. last time i checked, THAT was terrorism. but then again, i'm just an "Urban American". come on....WAKE UP!!

America, WAKE UP!!! How would it feel if i hated all white people because of the Nazis, KKK, and all other white supremacist groups? it would be unfair to do that because they don't represent all white people, right? THEN WHY THE FUCK DOES WHITE AMERICA DO IT TO MUSLIMS!?!? Just because a group of EXTREMIST does something, that doesn't mean its the ENTIRE faith. there are Muslims who DON'T agree with any of these fools. its like if you have 3 "ignant" ass cousins who keep fuckin up, they don't represent YOU as a person so you shouldn't get judged by their dumb ass antics. come ON....WAKE UP!!!

seriously, people. WAKE THE FUCK UP!! go to the sink of common sense, wash the deceit from your faces, clean the wax of ignorance out of your ears and brush the bullshit and lies off your tounges. but please, wake up.....

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