Saturday, October 25, 2008


This shout out is dedicated to Brian and Letty of, the best site to cop vintage, deadstock Cazals based out of Houston. I ran into Brian one day while he was working at Barney's in the Galleria. i noticed he had some dope frames and after closer examination, i saw they were Cazals and he told me how he and his wife Letty were collectors and sold them as well. i gave him my Commonwealth business card and he gave me his (networkin at its best suckaz!!). i checked out the site and was blown away. their prices range from $200 up to $600 and the $600 dollar ones i'm talkin about cost $1500 or more anywhere else because of the resell price, but do to their genuine love, they don't try to fist rape you on the prices. i could have been a "shade Nazi" and not put people on, but those who know me know thats not how i roll and plus i get first dibs anyway SUCKAZ!!! lol. if you are tryin to stand out from the rest and get some good quality vintage shades, check them out at the site. they love answering any questions you have, so hollar at em. tell them Alex sent ya.

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