Monday, October 20, 2008


This shit is the shit! It seems like 2008 is the year for people being on their game because Nike has been on their game with retros, Commonwealth has been on their game with the fitteds, the writers of Heroes has been on their game with this season and Pizza Hut has put it down with this pasta shit. i just got that "Meaty Marinara" the words of my 3 year old brother, its "Scrumpchus". lmao. i was expectin some Chef Boyardee type sauce and shit.....naw nigga. you can pass this shit off as some homemade, bachelor shit right here, son. now, as far as the other 2 flavors go, i don't know. but if you get to them before i do, let ya boy know. now, you COULD go and get one of those Stouffer joints that takes 2-3 hours to back for the same price, but when you hungry, a nigga aint got that time to wait. the boy Lex gives this joint two forks up.

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Scenario said...

nigga I'm getting this shit today...u better be right