Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This track, "Do The Right Thing", has Luda, Common, AND Spike and produced by 9th?!?! come the fuck on man. so far from what i've heard, this album is goin to be Luda's best and MAYBE he will FINALLY get his respect as a lyricist. i've played this video for the past hour just to hear the snippets of this track because the beat is just fuckin insane. GAH DAMN!!!!!!!

EDIT: i was talkin to my folks a lil while ago and they put me on to the fact that Doom was the first to flip the sample on his Special Herbs 9+10 joint.

Here is the actual song that they sampled.

regardless, BOTH beats are dope with minor differences and i'm STILL waitin on Ludas.

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Scenario said...

trust me this video has been on repeat at least 10 times in a row...9th is only getting better mark my words...