Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Shwayz'd: pron.(SH-WAZED). adverb. 1. to be embarrassed horribly or more than normal; to be sonned by a nigga in Nudie Jeans.

The inspiration for this new term comes from an event that has happened recently. SOMEONE i know decided to play a pickup game against Buzzin star/artist Shwayze. appearently, that someone (MICAH) thought he had the game in the bag.....WRONG!! this nigga got shitted on!!! how in the hell do you get out played in basketball by a dude wearing denim spandex? i understand if he had on some John Stockton, old school shorts.....BUT SOME DAMN SLIM FITTIES?! and THEN, you put up a VIDEO of you gettin done up?! come on man, i KNOW you had to expect this verbal onslaught, fam. you got beat 10-2, son!!! here is the footage:

How do you get "Hot Sauced" by a nigga in tight jeans and no underwear? this is not your month fam. first the Cowboys got beat by the Redskins in their last game in their old stadium, THEN you get whooped by a "Used Cotton swab, Mortimer Ickabod Marker" head ass nigga in Cheap Mondays and Vans. nigga you might as well become a Cubs fan. this nigga put the EMO in "DEMOLISHED" on ya ass.
how will you explain this to your children and grandkids? you can't even win an argument anymore with your female because as soon as you say anything, she'll be like "NIGGA, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT SHIT TO SHWAYZE THEN!". nigga, you DO know that shit goes in your permanent record right? you can't even get a respectable job now because as soon as they do a background check, they will see "This nigga got Shwayz'd back in 2008". So rather than saying you got Owned/Pwned, Served or whatever people are sayin today, you got "Shwayz'd". thanks for makin history.

i'd make that face too if i got out played by Pookies stunt double....

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micAh! said...

LMAO.. awww that shit made me roll...