Wednesday, September 3, 2008


this is my dude. i started messin with Murs about a year ago or so after hearin his song LA on a video game. after that i copped Murrays Revenge on iTunes and played it like crazy all last summer and even parts of this year. his new joint, while i wasn't a big fan of it at first, grew on me and its also a good cd for what it is. dude is probably one of the few consistent artist out that puts out dope, solid material (besides Jeezy, hate if you want). when the new album drops, i'm coppin it and if the tour comes to houston, i'm there. go on youtube and listen to some Murs if you have a chance and watch some of his interviews, dude is funny as hell.

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Tommy said...

Damn king you late but better late than never btw pick some old living legends stuff that materials crazy too