Wednesday, September 10, 2008


(the track is called Gladiator, and if you look in front of P, you see me wit the backwards Clipse hat and my cousin in the red BBC joint. haha)

man, no words can describe the energy these two had together last night. as far as visuals, Glow In The Dark was the best concert, but as far as overall music, energy and so on, THIS shit won hands down. i see why the boy Lonnie looks like he's on HGH. dude was constantly running, jumping and all that shit during the entire show. i left out that joint sweaty as hell. good thing i had my grey Original Fake handkerchief from Commonwealth (plug plug). lol. but yeah, this nigga Common did about 4 new joints from his new album and performed one of, if not THE best, freestyles i have ever witnessed in my life. how do i know it was a freestyle? the nigga was rappin about shit niggaz in the front row, right next to me, were doing. this dude made me go back and listen to all my old Common joints. i also realised, you have to be in peak shape to fuck with this concert because i had to drink to Gatorades last night and chill out because my legs felt like i played 3 full court games back-to-back-to-back. when the tour comes to your spot, go to that shit.

also, if you DON'T know the words to any of the songs, DON'T TRY TO BUM RUSH YA ASS TO THE FUCKIN FRONT!!!! i had to strong arm hoes who were havin a nigga feelin like a fuckin sardine because they want to be all up close to the stage but didn't know a single Common or N.E.R.D lyric. keep ya boppin ass back.

and if you are wondering what "Frozen Ignorance" that nigga P had on his neck while with Common, it was this blue Kaws missile joint but all blue, white and black diamonds and in 3D.....shit was sick

EDIT: they just posted a pic of the chain...again, this is sick...

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Courtney said...

Hey I been lurking around your blog for a few weeks now,I never left you a comment before but after reading "they want to be all up close to the stage but didn't know a single Common or N.E.R.D lyric. keep ya boppin ass back." I had too, reminds me of when I saw The Roots live in Philly and people were trying to get all in front of me and my girls...but didn't know not one damn it up I'm a fan of your blog!!!