Friday, September 26, 2008


THIS is when you know that a dude lacks the warm embrace of vagina in his life. seriously. did you hear the "Bitch" come out of him at 0:58? it looked and sounded like dude "seeded" himself. the Penny 2 is probably my favorite shoe as well (going to Footlocker for the first time in my life and copping a pair tomorrow morning) but its not THAT damn serious. now, i know i probably won't wear them until next spring or summer so i can rock some shorts and show them off in all my "chicken legged" glory, but i'm not as excited as THIS negro. i will admit it was funny as hell when he got crunk on the "Vans Guy" and i DO respect the fact that dude is hyped about the shoe because he actually wanted it to wear and not to just because of the hype like 90% of the game today. Thanks alot for that Hypebeast....bitches. but damn dude, pull ya skirt down, fam. and its sad because i know do cats that actually spaz the fuck out like that over damn shoes. now i DID get buck as hell when the Penny Foams came into Commonwealth because it was a suprise, NOBODY in the 7 cities knew who was getting them, and as soon as Larry said "Did yall get the Foams in yet?", the Fedex dude came into the store and it was like a big ass suprise. but come on man, "i love these as much as i love Jesus, as much as i love God......and Kanye West"?! NIGGA PLEASE!!!

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