Wednesday, September 10, 2008


alot of shit has been running through my mind about what topic to post about but after last night, this seemed the most fitting. why is it that guys freak out over being "just friends"? i mean seriously, is it that bad? why do cats refuse to just be "cool" wit a female? its like, if dude aint smashin or being the "main squeeze", they be like "fuck this shit, then!!"

last night i had the priveledge of attending a concert with one of the most physically perfect females i ever met in my life. shorty is super cool and crazy at the same time. but we are just FRIENDS, thats it. nothing more, nothing less. and while at the concert, she got pulled on stage and rocked out while me and my cuzzo got crunk in the crowd. while she was on stage, dudes were like "yo, your girl is bad, you a lucky dude" and i was like "that aint my girl fam, thats one of my potnaz. you wanna hollar, thats all you" and dude looked at me funny like "is this nigga serious?". then i realized, there are niggaz out there who would have done the exact opposite. there are niggaz who, even though they have NO chance in hell, they will block the hell out of anybody they see as a threat to attaining something they will never have. i've met dudes who will talk to a chick who have a boyfriend or fiance, and rather than just acceptin that "Friend" role, they will force that shit by hatin on the dude, questioning the shorty's decision and all that. honestly, thats disrespectful to the dude, especially if you don't even know son.

and my boys used to get on my case all the time for lettin dudes hollar at my female friends instead of me just dating them until i broke down a startling fact to em: the best referral is from a female. if a female co-signs you to another female, its like having a Black Card. its guaranteed. they know that i'm not a messed up dude and if i'm single at the time, they usually set me up with one of their friends. because i have just been "cool" with my female friends, i've been "referred" to alot of THEIR friends and so on. and on occasion, down the line, i ended up dating THAT female friend, but thats a rarity because . so, is being in the "Friend Zone" that bad? hell naw. i think what most dudes feel is that if you are in the friend zone, you're gonna be havin sleep overs and shit, watchin chick flicks or something. lol. i don't know how many times i've gotten to skip lines at a club JUST because i was with a bad female friend of mine. also, alot of females, not all, only want to talk to a dude if they see he's with a female. i've gotten numbers just because the girls thought they were doin something by taking me away from my "girl" not realising she's not my woman. i don't know, maybe alot of dudes are blinded by lack of patience and bullshit to realize the benefits of it. oh well.

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