Friday, September 26, 2008


MAAAAAAAN!!! This shirt brings back memories!!! aiight here is the story:

its around Fall 2005 in VA and Zack, Renato, and myself were holdin down the store and this girl comes in with a manilla colored envelope and she looks around the store and finally comes up to the desk is gives us the pacakage and says "Its Original David" and damn near bolts out the fuckin store. No name, no nothing. so we open the big envelope and inside is a shirt that looks like something i made back in kindergarten during arts and crafts time and a business card. no website, no line sheet, no label information. JUST THE DAMN SHIRT AND A CARD!!! so, in typical "the three of us are bored as hell, the store is slow and its cold outside so what are we gonna do for the next 10 minutes" fashion, WE WENT TO WORK ON THAT SHIT!!!LMAO!! we added muscles, a fake bape chain, ARMS, an ill fade with the Nas part goin through it and all that shit. i think Kit still has the original "piece of art" that was constructed by Zack, Nato and myself. and to be honest, it looked ALOT better after we got done with that shit.

well, it looks like the guys at Leaders in Chicago, got suckered into buyin that shit. hey, to each his own. but for them to say on their blog "we've been Original David carriers since the beginning and each time we're amazed" had me cryin. yeah, i'm amazed. AMAZED PEOPLE ARE BUYING THIS SHIT!! and then, on their bio, they have a disclaimer: Warning! Side effects include: Making a scene, Mild envy amongst friends, Heightened levels of self-importance. nigga, do you know how hard i laughed at that shit?!

but on a serious note people, we don't do this to EVERY line that people send to the store in hopes of making it "big", just those that go about it the wrong way with NO professionality (is that even a real fuckin word, if not, i'm making it one) and expect us to take them seriously. if you are trying to get your product into stores, stack your money and get a booth at Magic or any of the other fashion gatherings where you can have several people looking at your stuff rather than driving store to store saying "hey will you sell my stuff".

also, before you go around trying to start your own, make sure you have KNOWLEDGE of how its supposed to be done, not how you THINK it should. alot of people think that just because you have a hot idea for a shirt, its gonna make money. wrong. i'm not gonna name any names but there was one line that we used to sell and the guy had ALOT of people wanting his line but he didn't realize that he needed to have the stuff already made BEFORE he even got paid for it and thus, some of the clothes still had CHAMPS tags and stuff in them because he couldn't afford gettin shit done because he didn't expect all that. my advice: work for an actual label first, learn the "ins and outs" of it and THEN go from there. like i always say "you may open overnight, but you will close that afternoon". peace

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