Monday, September 1, 2008


Why is it that whenever you have a tastes for some good, hard to find have to go to the worst hood to get that shit?

And why do white people feel like Indiana Jones getting the golden idol whenever they have to go to the hood to get the same shit like its a life or death situation (which it is sometimes)?

seriously, replace the golden idol in the video below with a Tahitian Treat, a Peach soda, some good ol' "heart cloggin" soul food, or some ghetto candy and thats exactly how white people make it seem when they have to go to the "hood" to get shit, like if they grab the last Tahitian Treat, niggaz wit spears are gonna chase them out the area. lol smh.

p.s. After posting that pic of the Chewy Lemon Heads and Friends (sounds like a damn cartoon), i am SERIOUSLY on the hunt for that shit now. i have NEVER heard of CHEWY Lemonheads and the rest of his Cavity Crusading Compadres. tomorrow....i start my journey. wish me luck.

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