Thursday, September 25, 2008


Throughout my life, i have been in and witnessed some of the craziest, unimaginable type of situations and heard some of the wildest shit to ever come out of peoples mouths in my 25 years on Earth. and today just solidified that shit. as i was going to pick up some food for work tonight, i stopped into a local hood spot to get my grub and bask in the "ghettoness" that makes up my city. here is some of the shit i heard today, in the same 30 minutes, that Larry David couldn't even have scripted:

Negro on the phone: "yeah, so i told shawty 'look bitch, when the this dick drops, the bullshit stops!"

"Suburban, Hip hop" youth: "man, Lil Wayne is the prime example of whats wrong with hip hop.".

"Super Urban" youth's response to "Suburban" youths comment: "nigga, you the prime example of a hatin' ass nigga! Get off that niggaz dick and get on ya job, cornball ass nigga!"

EXTREMELY ignorant negro on the phone: "yeah, i went and got her name tattooed on my arm, but that bitch don't realize she gettin dismissed at the end of the month".

7-8 year old black youth: "i want a girlfriend who will take care of me and give me money. thats why i'mma get me a white girl."

man....i love my life...

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micAh! said...

oh my god! that shit had me rollin!!!