Wednesday, December 3, 2008


"The person you are when you are alone and think that no one is looking, is the person that you really are."-- said by some nigga with alot of knowledge

some of yall niggaz out there need to stop with the "frontin n stuntin" because being exposed is a muthafucka and you know it. if you aren't the baddest mofo lowdown around this town since Sho'Nuff when you are with your family, then don't try to act like you got The Glow when you're out in the streets because the real master will come out and show you wassup.

people who know me know that i'm always crackin jokes, being goofy and tellin wild stories and shit, but they also know that when its time to "condence the nonsense", i don't fuck around. i have knocked niggaz out before (and if you haven't, i HIGHLY suggest you go out and try that shit, no joke) but i don't go around beating my chest and acting like Deebo because i know thats not who i am behind closed doors but if the situation calls for some "chin checkin", then i'll gladly answer. niggaz need to stop puttin up these facades and just be themselves. you saw what happened to Rick Ross. had he just kept it REAL and been honest and said "yeah, i was a C.O, i was young, had bills to pay and had to do what i had to do", more than likely people would have respected that and it would have been swept under the rug. but when he got called out, shit was lookin real bad for "The Boss". people, just be yourselves.


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