Tuesday, December 9, 2008


in the words of Snoop from the song The Shiznit, "if it aint one thang/it's a muthafuckin nutha", shit just seems to always happen. last year around this time my younger brother Mike was shot up while leaving work(he's doing good, back to normal and STILL blowin my phone up to this day, but its all good.lol), now my brother Steph is in the hospital after having a severe asthma about 2 hours ago. he's okay now but i think thats one reason i'm not real big on the holidays. for the past 5 years, either somebody has gotten hurt or died during this time of year to the point where i don't really get excited and all i do is think "Who's gonna be next?" each and every November/December. i think thats why i always choose to work EVERY holiday except New Years because i wanna make sure i stay busy in case something like this pops off.

now, its one thing if it were to happen to an aunt, cousin or whatever. but those who know me KNOW that i am VERY over protective of my younger brothers (i'm the oldest of 8) and i'll demolish anybody or anything that puts them in danger. shit, 2 months ago my youngest brother Christian was at school and scraped his arm outside. now, instead of putting a band-aid or a WET gauze on his arm, one of these dumbass Indian women packed his wound with DRY ASS cotton and thats it. now, my brother is only 3 and i don't even let this nigga play with other kids unless i'm watchin, and when i saw the bootleg shit they did to his arm and the pain he was in, i fuckin lost it. i literally bust in that school and had a "Nigga Moment", demanding to see who the hell "bandaged" his arm. lets just say that they now have a REAL first aid kit on the premises. but that just goes to show how deep my love is for my blood and that when they hurt, I hurt. i think thats why i finally decided to get the tattoo i've been thinking about for the past 3 years which is a scroll that says "Am I My Brother's Keeper" and a list of all 7 of them written on it because i trully feel that i am THEIR keeper and they know that shit.

So...Mike, Spencer, Eric, Stephen, C.J, Jalen and Christian, i know 5 of yall read my blog and if you read this before yall hear from me later today, i love each and every one of yall.

your oldest brother and protect 4 life,

Alex (yes, thats my Government, believe it or not some people STILL don't know that)

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micAh! said...

sorry 2 hear about ya bro homie..