Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

come on, you can not hate on this classic. as i've been slowly tappering off meat products, i've been replacing my protein intake with protein smoothies and these joints and its like meeting up with an old potna from elementary school. the shit is cheap, good as FUCK, and easy to make. back as a youngster i used to HATE the crust, but my family was hood and there was none of that "cut the crust off" shit poppin off in my family. they used the old "thats where are the vitamins and shit that makes you strong is" in order for us to eat that mess. but now, i will scarf these joints down like there is no tomorrow. as a youngster, we always had "creamy" then i had the luxury of gettin crunchy peanut butter and that shit was cool at first but then them niggaz went over board with "extra crunchy" and that shit was too much. now i just fuck with the creamy JIF. Skippy sucked, Peter Pan was wack and that Reese's shit was misleading (it tasted like any other fuckin peanut butter, not the shit inside the damn candy. bastards). then they tried to "drop the bomb" on niggaz by makin that Goober shit, you know, the joint with the PB and Jelly in the same jar. that shit FAILED!! man, that shit was hard as hell. i used to try to spread that shit on my bread and it used to rip the bread up. so instead of a sandwich, my knife looks like a fuckin "sandwich on a stick". but one thing that has always stuck with me....Grape jelly. fuck that strawberry shit and any other wack ass jelly flavor. Smuckers Grape with PB is like puttin 24s on an Escalade. and then there was the classic White Bread. now, i've moved on to the wheat bread but back in the day, if you tried to give me a PBnJ sandwich on something other than white bread, expect an angry nigga to look at you like you just did something stupid. and don't let you go on a field trip and shit and you happen to have a PBnJ sandwich in your lunch bag. by the time its time for lunch, that shit looks all deformed and damn near clear because the jelly done seeped through n shit....but its STILL good as hell. lol. i swear, if i could go back in time, i would give George Washington Carver a hug and a Red Stripe for helping create peanut butter.

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Pat Preezy said...

that was oh so niggerish of you LEX