Thursday, December 18, 2008


dropping next fall. i remember the summer of 97, i was in Chicago and i was flipping The Source and they had an article about the hottest shoes of the summer and they had the Penny Foams, and these in the cirlce of shoes. from their photo, thought the shoe was yellow, so i was like "naah them joints look wack". and THAT was when i saw my boy Keshawn rockin em. they were this bright ass lime green and they just stood out and my mouth dropped. i was like "where you get those?!". he was like "man, i just got them from Ford City but they sold out" and my heart dropped. ever since, i have been tryin to find a pair in a size 12-13 but could never find them. it was always an 8 or 10.5 that was on ebay. but as i just checked one of my favorite sites,, i saw that they were droppin these next year and my heart jumped. all of a sudden i started hearing songs like "mo money, mo problems", "all about the benjamins baby", and every other dope song that was out in 97 pop into my head. i used to say that "2008 is going to be so great", but my slogan for next year might have to be "2009 is so divine" because its lookin REAL good so far.

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