Monday, December 29, 2008


"I still to this day don’t like Ns who throw an R&B N or B on a record.."...T Mitch

YO nigga Nas and Ginuwine....

YO boy Nas and the KING of RnB....R Kelly

guess who...YO man Nas with Ron Isley. last i checked, THAT nigga sang RnB, fam...

HOLY RnB NIGGAZ SINGIN THE HOOK, this YO dude Nas with CHRIS BROWN, the ULTIMATE RnB nigga of today?!......

WOW its YO boy Nas AGAIN but with the worst atrocity of all.....Quan, an rapper AND RnB nigga..real niggaz don't hit notes, son..that nigga was gettin "melodious" and shit..

and remember, this is just a COUPLE songs from NAS. i haven't even begun to jump into a couple of your other favorite rappers that you "Stan" for. and this was only RnB DUDES with the words of Guru and Chaka Khan.."Watch what you say cuz someones gonna hear exactly what you said"

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