Thursday, December 4, 2008


"A tree that is too proud and stubborn to bend when the wind blows will eventually be broken by it."----probably spoken by some ancient, wise Chinese nigga.

Pride is the biggest weapon of mass destruction known to man. that shit can break the unbreakable and stop the unstoppable. Pride can turn an ant hill into Mount Fuji and shit meaning it makes shit alot more harder than it should be. and Pride affects EVERBODY; man, woman, child, young, old, black, white, gay and straight. i was watchin this movie the other day called Nightwatch (dope Russian flick, check that shit out if you find it) and the movie was about how back in the day, there were two sides: the light and dark, and they both had to cross a bridge but neither would let each other pass, so a war broke out. now, that war wouldn't have even happened had one of them said "go ahead and go", but that PRIDE kicked in and nobody wanted to get punked, so they ended up brawling on a bridge Mortal Kombat style and the shit REALLY wasn't necessary.

Alot of get into shit that we REALLY don't have to get into, but since we all have pride, we sometimes let that shit get the best of us. and right now is not the time. we are in a state of our lives where people need to put that shit aside or else they are gonna be broken and/or end up broke. if somebody is fuckin with you at work, shake that shit off because your pride is gonna get YOU messed up. that pride is gonna make you sit back and say "damn, should i have really done that"? i almost let my pride fuck up my money because i believe in principles and by "checking" somebody who had a position over me, i almost messed up a promotion all because somebody was speaking to me in a way that i didn't like. thats that PRIDE i'm talkin about. now, i wouldn't have been in the wrong had the person said disrespectful shit to me, but he didn't, it was HOW he said shit and my pride wouldn't let that shit go down. so i proceed to "son" the individual, but all it made me look like was an angry black man. lol. but i was able to do what alot of people can't do, due to pride, and i APOLOGIZED to the person soon after. thats what i'm talkin about when i said "turn an ant hill into Mount Fuji". putting aside your pride is easy as hell, but people refuse to do it because they don't want to look like a punk or be looked at as soft. people don't realize that shit can be SO easy if they put the BS to the side.

thats why Pride is one of the 7 Deadly Sins because that shit can get you hurt, killed, FIRED and other stuff when it didn't even have to get to that point. Case in point, Jennifer Hudsons family. Because her mother had so much pride not to leave that part of Chicago because she had been there so long and grew up there, look what happened. People, put the pride to the side and let shit ride. it will make your life ALOT easier. trust.


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