Wednesday, December 31, 2008


man, talk about ringing in the new years on a fucked up level. i was at work about a half hour ago and my phone was blowin up but i couldn't get to it. finally, i checked my messages and everybody was tellin me my dude Robbie got shot (light skinned cat on the left) this morning by Bellaire police. basically what happened was, Robbie and his brother and cousin were driving in his black truck that he bought while playing minor league baseball and when they pulled into his drive way, the cops came out of nowhere and pulled their guns out telling them to get on the ground, the car is stolen. his parents came out the crib trying to figure out what was going on and the cops grabbed and pushed his mother into the garage door. pissed, like any nigga would be, Robbie got up to ask the cop what the fuck his problem was and the cop shot him in the stomach. no mace, no taser...a fuckin GUN!! the cops NEVER ran the plates because had they done so, the care would have come up in his name.

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mamacita1951 said...

I would love to talk to you. I'm the editor of the Bellaire Examiner and I read your comments on another blog, as well as what you wrote here.
I also love the pic you have of Robbie on your blog and would like very much to use it in the newspaper this week. Please write me at and let me know a number where I can call you, if that's okay, and if it's okay to use the pic.
I hope to hear from you. Thanks,
Charlotte Aguilar