Friday, December 26, 2008


i just got through talkin to one of my potnas and we were talking about Christmas and Santa and all that other shit when this one female walks up and says "How will you break the news to your children that there is no such thing as Santa?". i told her "Thats easy because i won't tell my kids about that nigga in the first place. to tell my kid that there IS a such thing as Santa would make me a liar, and i'm not lying to my kids about shit. a lie is a lie, no matter how 'innocent' you may think it is. and why should some strange, fat ass, child molestin' ass dude get all the praise for my hard ass work that i do to buy all the shit that i'm gonna by for the seedlings? fuck that. i want my kids to know that all those gangsta ass toys were made possible by daddy bustin that ass at work because he loves them and wants them to have the best. not because some fat ass stranger comes down a chimney that i MAY not even have, which will cause me to make MORE lies to explain how that nigga got in the house, and drop off toys. all that will do is give them an excuse to say 'fuck daddy, i'm waiting on Santa to bring my toys'. sheeeit, i'll be waiting on that nigga too with some 'Act Right' by my side because i wish some strange white muthafucka WOULD come in my house carrying something other than a million dollar check, a thick exotic female that likes "Angus" and an endless popcorn tin. my kids will know the REAL meaning behind Christmas, which is the birthday of Jesus and so forth and that the presents come afterwards."

and she gives me this "ugh" look and i'm like "what? you don't like my answer?" and she was like "its not that, but not have the holiday spirit?". i looked dead at her and was like "i'm a fairly nice muthafucka all year round and i don't need to be fake for a week and i'm not gonna lie kids and get their hopes up. what if for some reason, when i have kids, that i can't get them shit for christmas and they think Santa forgot them, how the hell am i suppose to explain that to them? LIE and tell them they were naughty and thats why they didn't get shit when they know and i know they were good as hell that year? GET the fuck outta here wit that shit". she was dead quiet after that. Truth-1, Bullshit-0. Lex FTW.

but thats the mindset of alot of society. they wonder why kids are walking around in this haze and its because their parents keep them blinded from the truth and lie to them their whole life over pointless shit. i almost snapped at mom dukes on Christmas because i had copped a SHIT load of stuff for my youngest brother. i mean, a GRIP load of stuff. Jordans, toys, all that shit. and the ONLY thing she LET me take credit for.......a FUCKIN ocean dvd!! and then she wonders why he won't listen to shit she said that day. why? because in his mind, SANTA is responsible for all that shit, not mommy, daddy or "Big Brudda Alex". then he was like "look what SANTA got me, Big Brudda Alex. SANTA." and the night before, THIS little nigglet is gonna tell me "don't touch these cookies, Brudda Alex, these are for Santa!" i hope that fat bastard dies of hypertension or diabetic shock.

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