Thursday, December 4, 2008


today is a bittersweet day in The H. things are good, but at the same time, a year ago today Pimp C passed and that hit the city hard because we lost 2 big rappers in the city so close together. the radio stations have been blastin alot of UGK today, so i gotta do the same by posting probably one of my favorite tracks. R.I.P fam. for people who don't know, neither Pimp or Bun are FROM Houston, they are from Port Arthur which is about an hour outside of Houston but for them to rep Houston as hard as they did, they earned the right to rep the H and its sad because they do a better job of it than artists who are FROM here. proof that it aint where you from, its where ya at.

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micAh! said...

Fave UGK cut of all time is "Wood Wheel"... I'll never get tired of that track!